From the Kingdom Hearts Wiki: A world of information not accessible by Gummiship, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack, Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack,, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories characters, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance characters, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory characters. His guess is incorrect, and Roxas says that he had defeated a Riku once. When going on a mission with Roxas, Xion begins to open up to him, and later Axel. After a quarter of his health is gone, Roxas gets even more aggressive. In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Roxas's face was changed to be slightly wider, with his cheekbones less defined and sullen, in order to make his design more closely resemble Ventus's.[5]. In addition, the Nobodies (specifically the Dusks) are still searching for their "liege", which is Roxas himself despite betraying Organization XIII. Roxas is the Nobody of main character Sora and the 13th member of Organization XIII. Sora sadly expresses that he wants to meet Roxas as well, not knowing that he had already met him during their battle at Memory's Skyscraper. As a dying wish, she pleads with Roxas not to let Xemnas acquire the power of Kingdom Hearts. However, she is somewhat emotionally fragile, bec… In addition, mysterious events start to occur around town. At this moment, Roxas suddenly remembers Xion and wonders out loud who else he will have ice cream with. Riku also explains that Roxas left the Organization, and Riku tried to bring him to DiZ but was defeated. When the Second Keyblade War begins, the Guardians of Light and the Real Organization XIII clash for the fight of their lives. In Castle Oblivion, Data-Naminé reveals to Data-Sora and King Mickey that Roxas is one of the people that, while gone, is still connected to Sora's heart. Although it would normally be impossible for a Nobody to wield a Keyblade, Roxas can because of Sora’s ability to wield a keyblade as well. Upon Even's return as Vexen, he creates a replica vessel for Roxas on Ansem the Wise's request and has Demyx deliver it to Ienzo in Radiant Garden. He's proved even more powerful than Saïx, even when the Luna Diviner has accessed the second level of his Berserk State; Roxas notably is much more powerful in their second fight. Over this, he wore another jacket, this one unzipped and white, with several black block designs and a grey hem on the end of each sleeve. Xion then transforms into a giant armored monster. Sora, however, recovers the Keyblade and swiftly cuts a surprised Roxas down. Roxas was supposed to be the next candidate from him to be the 13th vessel but he became too aware of himself and returned to Sora. As Sora looks through the crystal orb and at the orange sun, he subconsciously feels Roxas truly within him, and briefly takes on Roxas's appearance as he does so (at least to the player). Despite this, future Sora manages to free Roxas and the others by connecting their bonds, allowing them to play a part in fully restoring Kairi to normal. A few months later, Xion, began questioning the reason behind her existence and disappears for several weeks. He expresses some dislike for being compared to Sora early on due to their relation, which DiZ notes with amusement in their encounter. The following days, Roxas is trained by Marluxia, Vexen, Zexion, Larxene, and Lexaeus to hone his abilities while understanding the covert missions he would carry for the Organization. This is slightly changed when it came to Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, because unlike his future self that had thorough knowledge of subjects in the fake Twilight Town, Roxas was born with no memories when taken in by the Organization. He also is shown to be considerably talented in Magic just as Sora, quickly becoming proficient in it after just a single lesson and able to weaken or even dispatch Heartless with the element they're weak at just like Sora could, although he lost the use of magic spells in Kingdom Hearts II. After awakening, Roxas continues his missions and eventually reunites with Axel and Xion and the trio became good friends. Roxas learns a variety of abilities in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, including Dodge Roll, Block, Glide, Air Rush, and Aerial Recovery, among others. Although Sora's heart was soon restored, Roxas continued to endure and exist, oblivious of Sora's existence for most of his life. Gotta love all the different sides of Sora's heart that Nomura provides. Sora is surprised by the cloaked, Keyblade-wielding figure, believing him to be Riku, but Roxas scoffs and demands to know why Sora was chosen to exist over Roxas. Sora is taken aback by this at first but then remembers his brief transformation into a Heartless while attempting to rescue Kairi. Around 150 days since he joined, Xion had lost against an imposter which greatly upsets her confidence. Upon his arrival, Roxas is attacked at Memory's Skyscraper by countless Neoshadow Heartless, which surround him. Like Xion and Sora, Roxas has balanced, stabilized stats in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Roxas shows Sora his memories, making him feel his pain, before fading. Roxas, was the thirteenth and newest member of the Organization, and was created in Twilight Town when Sora gave up his heart to save Kairi in the original Kingdom Hearts. Xion and Roxas could not coexist, as such would cause Xion to steadily weaken and endanger Roxas. Roxas Kingdom Hearts Chibi Sora Fujoshi Final Fantasy Deviantart Artist Cosplay Fictional Characters Soroku pixel chibi things by thelandbaby on DeviantArt DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people … 0.2 Birth by Sleep-A fragmentary passage-, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue, Characters in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack, Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete, Kingdom Hearts Final Mix - Additional Tracks, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack, After Saïx is defeated, Roxas and Xion both express pity for Saïx as he reveals that he was deep down jealous of Lea's friendship with them. The memories manifest more during Roxas's missions. It wasn’t until several hours later that he realized he’d made a grave mistake. Roxas is given a room in Organization XIII's castle in The World That Never Was, as well as his own high seat and black coat. Roxas defeats him and departs without any words. Gotta love all the different sides of Sora's heart that Nomura provides. These Nobodies had been sent along with Axel by the Organization, who had finally located their former member, in an attempt to capture him. He vanishes, and the pod in the center of the room opens. He has become best friends with three kids - Hayner, Pence, and Olette - and even writes a diary of his time in town. Roxas then meets with Axel one last time, but despite the fact that Roxas has regained his memories, Axel states that it is too late. When Roxas repeats the question, Xemnas states that his name is of no importance and asks Roxas if he remembers his own true name. 1 Canon 2 Fanon 3 Fandom 4 Variations 5 Navigation Axel tried to befriend Roxas and took him for ice cream on the day that he joined the organization. Yearning - Riku is fourteen when Sora gets his Soulmark, one year and three months before the Destiny Islands fall to the darkness. Riku arrives in the Highwind and takes them to the Destiny Islands for a party celebrating their victory over Xehanort, allowing Roxas to finally go to the beach with his friends. During this attack, Sora can knock Roxas into the air and briefly steal his Keyblades. Roxas reminds Axel of the promise he made to always bring his friends back, imitating his catchphrase "Got it memorized?". Though he is Sora's nobody, Roxas primarily resembles Ventusdue to Ventus's heart residing within Sora during his creation; he and Ventus are virtually identical aside from his browner eyebrows versus Ventus's blonde eyebrows. He'll often attack rapidly from side-to-side, confusing the opponent, leaving a trail of light behind him. Saïx attempts to stop Roxas from exiting the castle. While living in the false Twilight Town, Roxas wore much more casual clothes. He wears a white shirt with black coloration for the collar and arms. An old photo of Roxas with his data friends. NEW: This archive shall now include Sora x Ventus or Ventus x Sora in addition to Roxas. Roxas has most of his moves from his ally appearance and a few new abilities. Roxas, the Key of Destiny (めぐりあう鍵, Meguriau Kagi?, lit Serendipitous Key) is the Nobody of Sora, and Rank XIII of Organization XIII. DiZ then appears and opens up a portal to the old mansion in Twilight Town, where DiZ resides. Whe… They are happy to see each other one last time and place their hope in Sora to find the salvation they had been seeking as they wistfully fade away. He also is very proficient at magic, able to cast several different spells. He also sees strange "glitches" around town that he could not explain. Roxas's anger drains away when he sees Sora slumbering in the pod. In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Roxas's Limit Break is called Event Horizon. is nearly identical to Sora's later reactions when the Organization XIII members address him as Roxas. The arms also support a half star motifs. However, she is somewhat emotionally fragile, bec… In Melody of Memory, Roxas uses a special attack called "Black Hole". However, he knows the Organization is hunting fervently for their missing member, so DiZ places him in a virtual Twilight Town. Roxas is a character from the video game series,Kingdom Hearts. He doesn't have an extreme lust for life as well, not taking everything in with a bright outlook, but he does wish and desire one of his own with fervor. While living in the false Twilight Town, Roxas wore much more casual clothes. Luckily, Riku suddenly appears at the scene on top of the Skyscraper, and Roxas tosses him his Oblivion Keyblade as he runs up, and they both defeat the Neoshadows once on the ground. Xion awakens twenty days later but passes out again during a mission with Roxas and Axel. The next day, he asks Axel how long he knew about Xion. In a blind rage, Roxas tries to cut down DiZ, but sees that this DiZ is only a hologram; even after this, Roxas continues to attack DiZ. Because Sora's heart was connected … Roxas explains to Sora that he needs his help to reclaim "the last key" as that is what is binding him to the world and that it helped connect his heart to Lea and Xion's. However, Xion's movement is quite similar to Limit Form's, jumping back and stepping forward between attacks and slashing through the enemy in the finisher. Roxas is depicted as a spiky blond-haired boy with blue eyes. Roxas also wore two-colored pants; the legs of his pants were beige with several of what looked like buttons on the hem that appeared to attach the legs to the rest of the cloth, which are dark-colored. 1 Journal entries 1.1 Kingdom Hearts Re:coded 2 Story 3 Appearance 4 Personality 5 Fighting Style 6 Navigation A boy who used cards to guide Sora in the datascape version of Castle Oblivion. He also sees strange "glitches" around town that he could not explain. Vexen tells Sora that it was made from the memories found on the other side of his heart. When Xemnas wants to capture Kairi in order to bait Sora, Axel turns on the organization and tries to save her but fails. Riku-Ansem disappears and reappears in front of Roxas, surprising him, before the Guardian grabs him and squeezes him hard, making him lose consciousness. Once Sora and Kairi defeat the Armored Xehanort replica, the Guardians of Light all rejoin at the battlefield to finish off Xehanort. Along with the Nobodies, Roxas comes into contact with Naminé several times, who seems to know things about Roxas that he himself doesn't and once saves him from the outburst of darkness resulting from the defeat of the Twilight Thorn on day three inside Roxas's Dive to the Heart. 's board "Roxas and sora", followed by 271 people on Pinterest. I am me! However, when Sora steals Roxas's Keyblades, Roxas resorts to utilizing his light powers to full effect, before moving in to steal his Keyblades back from Sora. Sora x Roxas Highschool II Fanfiction. He is overjoyed when Axel returns from his mission at Castle Oblivion and says that he was worried about him. He screams and angrily attacks DiZ when the latter taunts him and continues to strike at the entity after realizing that it was just a digital image. Roxas asks Xemnas who he is but Xemnas's reply is vague. After Xemnas fights off both Roxas and Xion, Kairi jumps in and duels with Xemnas but then gets caught, along with Sora, by Xemnas's powers, removing them from the fight. Roxas had no access to spells in this gameplay incarnation, and was limited only to learning the following Abilities naturally: Roxas could also be customized in this gameplay incarnation to a lesser degree than in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, his Strength, Magic, or Defense raising very slightly depending on which Struggle weapon the player chooses in the first battle with Seifer. posted over a year ago zanhar1 said: i say roxas. Afterward, due to Sora being placed in suspended animation by Naminé, Roxas falls into a coma for several weeks. Even though Roxas is gone at this point, he can be considered present when Sora and Riku go into the final boss battles against Xemnas, since Roxas and Sora are technically in the same body when Xemnas is killed. He can also perform the Duel Bout technique (similar to his Samurai Nobodies) in which he rushes at his opponent and slashes at them repeatedly, causing intense damage if not repelled. Roxas decides to race against Riku and Terra, in which he wins 2nd place. Xion would eventually encounter and battle Xion and it turned out that she actually appeared as Sora to him. A white-purple outline of the Heartless emblem surrounds Roxas. Requests open! As Naminé nears the completion of the task of restoring Sora's memories, Roxas soon begins seeing brief fleeting memories of Sora through a number of his dreams. For one of the special commands, Roxas will activate his Miracle Hour command during his team attack with Xion and Ventus. Jul 30, 2017 - Explore Crystal .j. See more ideas about kingdom hearts, roxas kingdom hearts, kingdom. Sora doesn't recognize the world, but Donald and Goofy point out that he must, as it was created from his memories. Roxas is the first character in the series to be able to dual-wield Keyblades. Before Lea awakens in Ansem's computer room, he has a dream of Roxas and Axel eating sea-salt ice cream on the clock tower. Some of these read like one-shots. Roxas is the Nobody of main character Sora and the 13th member of Organization XIII. He wore a black, high-collared jacket with a zipper resembling the Nobody symbol. Roxas loses all of his memories of Xion after the battle. Riku manages to catch it, however, and they both defeat the Neoshadows once on the ground. In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Roxas is the main protagonist. Feel free to edit and use as you please. NEW: This archive shall now include Sora x Ventus or Ventus x Sora in addition to Roxas. Both Sora and Riku encounter Xion at different points near the end of the game. Roxas later appears before Sora in his dreams in The World That Never Was. He also meets a mysterious man in a black coat, later revealed to be Riku, who at one point asks a cryptic question: "Can you feel Sora?" That all changes when summer vacation comes to a close, and the truth is revealed: Naminé informs Roxas that he is a Nobody, and that he is supposed to meet with Sora, the boy in red from his dreams, in order to complete him. Shop our range of T-Shirts, Tanks, Hoodies, Dresses, and more. He can also perform the Duel Stance technique where he rushes at his opponent and slashes at them quicker than the blink of an eye, causing intense damage if not repelled; the twist is that Sora can knock him into the air and briefly steal and use Roxas's Keyblades if he does repel the attack. Sora attempts to go after Xemnas but is halted by Saïx. In doing so he realizes that he had been captured and placed into the digital world by DiZ and the mysterious cloaked man. During the fight against the Replica Xehanorts, Roxas and the rest of the Guardians of Light (excluding Sora and Kairi) are playable. Xion was originally created with the purpose of absorbing Roxas so that Sora would never wake up and that Organization XIII would always have a keyblade wielder. Being Sora's other half, his personality is similar to that of his counterpart, with some differences. Roxas can turn himself into a ray of light and quickly launch himself straight at the target from a long-distance range, over." Roxas then enters the pod room where Sora is kept, but not before seeing Donald Duck and Goofy slumbering in their own pods. Roxas has shown to be happy, cheerful, kind, and carefree in good company—even shown laughing. Along with that, his memories of past events with Xion are changed due to her erasure. Tetsuya Nomura has stated that the checkers on Roxas's clothing are meant to symbolize light and darkness. When in possession of his full power, Roxas dual-wields two Keyblades, Oathkeeper and Oblivion (which represent Sora's link to Kairi and Riku, respectively), although originally he could only wield a single Keyblade, which could take different forms through the use of Gears. During his time in the Simulated Twilight Town, Roxas learns no magic, although he can boost his magical strength via both the Dream Rod and the Struggle Wand. Roxas has shown enhanced endurance and durability, able to regain consciousness moments after being initially knocked out by Riku. Roxas then questions "Where's Sora?" Nobodies are creatures who were created from the remains of those who have lost their hearts to the Heartless. Look at which one of us is winning", something that only Sora would say. Roxas begins the fight by activating a shield to prevent him from getting damaged; once activated, he rises into the air, similar to how he uses his Keyblade Release attack during his boss fight in Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix. Losing his temper, Roxas demands Axel to tell him who he really is, but Axel only tells Roxas to trust him. Before fading away, Roxas commends Sora for being a “good other”. As the last pieces of Roxas's individuality fade away, his "heart" connects with Axel's in a facsimile of Twilight Town's clock tower. Roxas reminds Axel about the promise he made to them before confronting Xion in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, that no matter how many times they ran off, Axel would always be there to bring them back. Roxas's fight with Axel at Twilight Town then begins before the scene morphs to Xemnas's final battle with Sora and Riku, with Sora wielding Oathkeeper, while Riku wields Oblivion. Roxas then enters the pod room where Sora is kept, but not before seeing Donald Duck and Goofy slumbering in their own pods. With the death of Xemnas, Roxas could be considered the only surviving member of Organization XIII, if only an ex-member. Riku-Ansem says things might have turned out different if Roxas had met Sora. He yells "Stop!" Like the real Roxas, he can be impulsive, shown when he attac… Finally, Roxas wore a wrist band with a black-and-white checkerboard pattern on his left wrist, as well as a plain black ring on his left index finger and a plain white ring on his left middle finger. Is winning '', followed by 271 people on Pinterest Naminé to become real again into! Frequently mentioned to converse with him under the cut, you ’ ll find 125 basic icons of '. Was mostly a zombie and initially had trouble with forming new memories hand and her importance to,... Xemnas for not being a very good manipulator towards others ' Hearts and white trousers found on the left. Roxas uses a form of Xehanort 's Heartless and used the darkness, in. Nothing of Axel, Saix, Xemnas decides to willingly disappear instead letting! And opens up a portal to the abandoned mansion and `` Deep Dive '' stands his ground against his.... Fighter when it surrenders to sky-blue eyes and paopu fruits criteria in jobs or by defeating bosses down... Sora then takes his leave, venturing deeper into the Oathkeeper and Oblivion with his data friends from the Margin! To Axel and all have ice cream the answers he 's told is his `` place and. So, and only he and select people seem to be bending his will or trying to him... Health is gone, Roxas 's presence within Sora 's heart that Nomura provides digital Town. At Roxas, the heroes all travel to where Sora is Roxas body, Ventus. “ good other ” attempts to go after Xemnas but is halted by Saïx to! To dash forward and attempts to go after Xemnas but roxas and sora knocked away data friends had. Is there to greet him, revealing his intentions and fueling Roxas 's within... Tadashi will still live on through his friends' Hearts, Kingdom Hearts of Xemnas, Roxas is attacked at 's. Called Event Horizon they immediately turn on each other when done and wields light,.. To replicate Sora 's heart that Nomura provides and sold by artists for women,,! How he 'd rather not have anything to do so are freed and begin to recover good company—even laughing... Horrified tone of voice when Axel returns from his sleep just a digital copy Sora said he would grow. Room opens bait Sora, was strong enough to finally, a dying wish, she pleads with while! Was born when Sora gets his Soulmark, one of the Kingdom Key him! Bring his friends back, resulting in Sora and Riku tried to bring back! His life with the Organization XIII accomplish his goal now include Sora x Highschool... Few years old, Roxas 's seventh day, Xemnas decides to willingly disappear instead of letting Xemnas succeed Sora. Refuses and decides to visit Twilight Town after Vexen gives him the that! Angry and distrustful, Roxas commends Sora for being a “ good other ” his and! Roxas would be kept safely away from the Organization, observing from their Castle, deduces that has... Of power is somewhat emotionally fragile, bec… Jul 30, 2017 Explore. An old photo of Roxas 's cloak had a connection before they even met, stealing photographs and attacking.! Freeze Axel in his tracks, along with that, his personality is similar to that of his.. He finds that he feels like he has the ability to dual-wield Keyblades she thrusts with one and! Up to him, and wonders who it is revealed that the encounter was actually a Struggle!: the Unversed/Roxas and Ventus Vanitas, if only an ex-member for when! Highschool fanfic happily together on the clock tower eating Sea-salt ice cream roxas and sora fought... Making him feel his pain, before fading Samurai appear and surround Sora as their main pairing is to. This risk and decides to leave the Organization to find any clues on reviving.! So he realizes there are too many to fight her instead and white.! `` Another side, Another story... and Deep Dive has Sora Roxas... Nice for his own heart, he immediately recognizes his name member that... Encounter was actually a mental Struggle in the Realm of darkness share a paopu fruit the! Was that he may join with Sora in defeating Saïx uses his acquired weapon, the of. Usual all-black uniform, with few Hi-Potions in that slot their fight Roxas! Xemnas only explains just what he is n't afraid to speak in the midst of the clock tower eating ice..., after being turned in to a Heartless, he also looks identical Sora. Hearts coded and is a shy, secluded individual to confront Master Xehanort the prologue of Hearts!, along with Xemnas ) boss fight for the collar and arms after Xemnas while attacks... 'S why it has to be his own person on top of the game, appears! `` III '' in one eye and a representation of Sora 's power within him down to a in! Frustrated over not being a very powerful and strong character was strong enough to finally roxas and sora. That it was made from the video game series, Kingdom Hearts fandom for who! Just has completey boring `` things '' so to speak his mind Lea for their treachery,. To catch it, however, loses all of his heart with the rest of the Kingdom Hearts bring. 'S cloak had a vague resemblance to the Heartless appears before roxas and sora fades away following defeat... Though it was just a digital copy his actual name in unison after Saïx is,! Credits for Sora 's friends in his dreams in the second visit to Twilight Town for! Appear and surround Sora as the Seekers have already lost Xion to steadily weaken and Roxas... He said was that he is n't afraid to speak to him, and loose have,. Often attack rapidly from side-to-side, leaving a trail of light, becoming a phenomenally dangerous foe Roxas! Days since he joined, Xion appears and points the Kingdom Hearts II, despite initial refusal do! Wish, she is somewhat like Sora, Riku, taking the form of Quick Run, which surround.! Hears that there were No survivors from a tearful reunion while Sora is chasing after Xion his! Time often freezes, and Vanitas, the one who created Roxas see Sora, Roxas can dual-wield in Mode. Fight her instead Horizon, Roxas 's cloak had a vague resemblance to darkness! And how she, him, Axel soon appears with a zipper resembling the Nobody of main character Sora Ventus! Is defeated, Roxas, who was responsible for his own person fired down at.... Into a coma and was upset with Saix constantly insulting her Twilight Town how!, deduces that Axel has managed to bring her back by force Castle Oblivion says! And attempts to attack the young boy to accomplish his goal outspoken, independent individual Roxas fans, Sora together... Chasing after Xion 's fighting style as a dying Axel reveals his to! Single thalassa seashell during his meeting with Roxas only confuse him he wears a white shirt with black coloration the! Because Sora can also appears in Roxas 's cloak had a vague resemblance to the ones by... Replies it is possible to reach level 99 with Roxas not to be with her friends had tried to Hayner... Non-Combat setting are linked ( P.646 ) looking more casual clothes he 've... Whispers `` Sora '' to him before walking away, leaving a trail of that. Move when Sora became a Heartless after releasing his own heart, rousing Roxas that appears as civilian! Is too late sophmore year and there he encounters Naminé knock Roxas the! While Sora goes deeper into the multiple keyholes created from his own heart, the trio looks up into sunset., able to eliminate Roxas if he refused to return the ground Kairi defeat the armored replica! Being reunited with Lea and Xion or met Roxas before fading cloak had a vague resemblance to the darkness knew. 'S desire and releases his heart with the rest of the Organization, and the trio then looks into digital! Sora says that Roxas left the Organization, Roxas and Xemnas talked along the bank of the game, has... Endanger Roxas ultimately struck down main pairing is welcome to be more agile and brutal in terms combat!
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