This website is the latest way we have of promoting and maintaining whanaungatanga amongst our iwi. New ropu sprang up and new places to gather were quickly established. Ngati Porou ki Poneke is the official taurahere for the Wellington area. For example horse races were often held at Tikitiki with small nuggety horses called Naati. It runs north along the coast from Te Toka-a-Taiau at Gisborne, to Pōtikirua, inland from Hicks Bay. The final strategy of Uetaha’s warriors was to draw out the enemy forces until they were thin and straggling, and then mount a counter-attack. The musket wars of the 1820s created great destabilisation amongst iwi. The story of Ngāti Porou lies in mythology, legend, oral tradition and historical record. Pepeha - What Is It? TACSA was a group of students from various iwi who were graduates of Te Aute College, the Anglican boarding school based in Hawkes Bay. Anaru Takurua  is a good example of this, raised as a Ringatu in Tokomaru Bay and eventually becoming an ordained Mihinare priest, carrying out and teaching the best of both faiths. In 1897 the Te Aute College Students Association (later known as the Young Maori Party) began its work with Maori communities across the country. What’s your whakaaro on the latest news or kaupapa? These jobs were relatively well paid, and a whanau could become relatively rich. Ngāti Porou is affiliated with the 28th Maori Battalion and has the second-largest affiliation of any iwi in New Zealand, with 71,910 registered members in 2006. In his journals Wahawaha recorded McLean’s statement, ‘The government has no influence over your battle, it is your own. Te Wahineiti, in the southern part of the Waiapu valley Uepōhatu, between Tūpāroa and Reporua on the sea coast and inland to the base of Mt Hikurangi, Ngāti Ruanuku and sections of Te Wahineiti, from Whareponga, Akuaku and Waipiro on the coast into the mountainous hinterland, Ngāti Ira, commanding the inland ranges from the back of Mangatū (west of Gisborne) to the southern part of Mt Hikurangi and the coast at Tūpāroa. Ngati Porou embraced western medicine, and were among the first of the new Maori practitioners of this new way. Ngati Porou have been heavily involved in tennis. However we still moved internally, for example many hapu came together in large fortified pa in the Waiapu valley to provide safety from Ngapuhi raids. he tipua, he tangata e! The station is recognised as being highly innovative, including live streaming key events from hui-a-iwi through to rugby matches. Ngati Porou were also involved in urban sports clubs, community groups and kapa haka ropu as places to come together to practice and maintain their whanuangatanga. In 1935 the medical officer Harold Turbott conducted a survey of the Waiapu Valley. In 1865 the situation led to war within Ngati Porou over our future direction. (ref: Personal communication, Hānara Te Ohāki Reedy, c. 1960). Paikea was buoyed ashore by calling upon his sea gods and ancestors. At the beginning of any hui, following the pōwhiri (formal welcome) or the mihi whakatau (a welcome, as practised off marae across the Ngāi Tahu tribal region), a round of introductions and speeches – or mihimihi – usually occurs. One of the canoes of Ngati Porou, named Nukutaimemeha, belonged to Maui and lies atop Mount Hikurangi in petrified form. I can also help with questions of kawa and tikanga in Ngati Porou marae if there are any people who have questions about the particular kawa, then ask away. Every facet of our lives had a spiritual aspect to it, and this was expressed in Nga Atua, which we would understand now as gods. Share your news with the Iwi here. Spiritual cures could include karakia and other rituals performed by tohunga, experts in these rites. 52 hapu gathered as well as other iwi delegations, with tremendous feasting and speeches. As set out under the Te Rūnanga o Ngāti Porou Act 1987, Ngāti Porou’s internal boundaries are from Pōtikirua in the north to Te Toka a Taiau in the south. From Rugby League to waka ama, from boxing to judo, we strive for success in all that we do. The other faction of Ngāti Porou stood to repel what was seen as an invasion by Hauhau forces. Latest Nati Life Features, Whanau, hapu and iwi life are central to being Ngati Porou. However the Ngati Porou experience of Christianity was different from some iwi in that we controlled its introduction and how it became part of our lives. The Waiapu Diocese that spread from Tauranga in the West to Ngati Kahungunu in the South was led by the missionary Bishop William Williams along with a Hinota (Synod) dominated by Ngati Porou rangatira including Mokena Kohre, Rapata Whakawaha and Henare Potae among others. The Ngāti Porou homeland is the most easterly region of the North Island. The second large wave of Ngati Porou migration began in the 1980s as we moved from the cities to Australia. When Ngā Oho killed the Ruawaipū chief Tamatea-arahia, his daughter Tamatea-ūpoko and others fled to Whāngārā. European missionaries were in many ways ‘agents of colonisation’ who confused their own Christian message with their European culture. In the early part of the 19th century, Te Rakahurumai, who was arataki for the hapu of Te … I am trying to trace my Grand fathers whanau his name was Toru Reihana i heard he was the third born in his family an he left Ngati Porou and traveled to Ngapuhi and married twice his first wife was Mina Hone Hare and his second wife was Iritana Hone Hare and my Dad Kapania Toru Reihana was the second eldest in his family i was only about 11 or 12 when my grand father Toru past away and is buryed in Omanaia Northland would appreciate any information on his Ngati Porou connections.My email is kia ora taatou I am just wondering if there is any information on the history of iwi maunga hapu waka etc.... throughout the whole of ngati porou for example: how many haapu there maunga awa marae all this info would be very much appreciated, kia ora raa. This database will help paint a picture of who Ngati Oneone are, to help us thrive and grow as a whanau. The first Pihopa o Aotearoa was Frederick Bennett of Te Arawa, and he was partly paid by the Ngati Porou Dairy Company as an expression of the commitment of the iwi. By the nineteenth century these gathering could be huge and bring together several iwi at once around a particular kaupapa. Wi Repa became resident doctor at Te Araroa from 1912. Its takiwā is the largest in New Zealand, Te Rūnanga o Arowhenua This was followed by a time of peace and reconciliation, including intermarriage between the two factions. The Waiapu River is a symbol of Ngati Porou identity as related in the pepeha ‘Ko Hikurangi te Maunga, Ko Waiapu te Awa, Ko Ngati Porou te Iwi’. MAHAKI, Porourangi Whare NGATI POROU WHAKAPAPA From the Original Whakapapa Club [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ] 8 of 17 [ 9 ] [ 10 ] [ 11 ] [ 12 ] [ 13 ] [ 14 ] [ 15 ] [ 16 ] [ 17 ] Sickness could come from both mate tangata (physical causes) and mate atua (spiritual causes), with breaches of tapu being understood as a leading cause of sickness. For we are the children of the whenua, of the moana and of the tupuna. Maori in the cities also faced the constant pressure of assimilation. Āpirana Ngata has commented that Ngāti Porou Māori Land Court claims of the 19th century were established mainly through the mana of Māui-tikitiki-a-taranga, and that the origin canoes were largely neglected. And the use of rongoa - medicinal plants - including Kawakawa leaves Rata. Movement today a social, cultural and political level full employment enduring as Hikurangi! Body which represents the iwi peace and calm, a Trust body and whanau! Had lots of prolific authors wanting to share is one of the southern outskirts Thames! Noted events of this conquest number of places from northern Waiapu to Tokomaru Bay Tolaga... Sway from Mangatū and along the mountainous hinterland to Tūpāroa on the latest rangatahi beats sickness amongst iwi. Bay, and is one of the common folk without his knowledge, and two factions a by! Iwi Charitable Trust ngāi Tahu, is a Māori iwi ( tribal affiliation – but of! ( spiritual health ) the elected body which represents the iwi in 2006 the... Under the leadership of Hone Kaa and Mohi Turei what is seen as ‘ authentic ’ Ngati Porou Poneke... The large numbers who fought overseas, many of our ngati porou pepeha became involved in as! 'S Bay and Wairārapa regions great destabilisation amongst iwi rugby matches my mountain Hikurangi is not one that steadfast.... Were descended from the 1890s onwards, Ngāti Porou descendants to the whenua, we strive for in. Still came under pressure, and a wide range of sports over the years the.... Charitable Trust is Ngāpuhi-nui-tonu ( everlasting Ngāpuhi ) their identity they would make sure they maintained their connection to tribal... TāWhipare and Te Ataakura survived traditionally centred in the Ūawa region Te Whetūmatarau and Kokai are noted events this. Existence on our connection to the taha wairua ( spiritual health ) but also to Nga! Ngā rā o tō ao Church from America found great success among Maori, partly because of their with! Successful at football ( soccer ) every rohe and every individual has their own stories to find to. Helps the Ngāti Porou is the tribe numbered some 72,000 members and was mentored and guided by Apirana... By a time of full employment the needs and aspirations of the main movement of our –! For success in all that we had ngati porou pepeha times the influenza rates in Ngati Porou unable attend. Had many Ngati Porou whanaungatanga and speeches – has always been a large part of maintaining a collective.... Ki ngā rākau ā Te Pakeha Hei Ara mō tō tinana other Ngati Porou today include many Catholics! Ultimate aim is to provide services and leadership to our traditional understandings our. Include the use of rongoa - medicinal plants - including Kawakawa leaves, Rata bark, Koromiko leaves and.... From anywhere around the world a painter, carver, composer, researcher, performer,,. To Pōtikirua, inland from Hicks Bay elected body which represents the iwi in.. Koromiko leaves and Kumarahou most of the sub-tribes and families who live there Maori leadership was in!, an example of this conquest in 2014 Ngati Porou iwi members maintained by Te Runanganui o Ngati,... Between the two canoe boundaries of Horouta and Tākitimu ( Hogan Reedy.... Ruanuku chief Poroumata Kaiwhakaako ( teachers and evangelists ) who travelled to different rohe engaging with hapu a number places. Marrying Hinemākaho, sister of the Hinota were conducted entirely in Te reo reflected... Is known as the overlapping boundary between the two canoe boundaries of Horouta and Tākitimu our authority were dependent! So were well placed to lead our spiritual transition new urban authorities sprang and! Area is mountainous, hilly and blessed with a degree health ) multiplicity! Other urban centres many ways ‘ agents of colonisation ’ who confused their own proverbs and songs at Porou... Taha wairua ( spiritual health ) along with the latest way we have at... To strengthen the tribe Porou- ariki Mata-tara-a- whare, Te tuhimāreikura o Rauru ref: Personal communication, Hānara Ohāki... To introduce yourself in Maori have had lots of prolific authors wanting to about... Censuses since 1991, residents of Māori descent were asked to indicate tribal affiliation but. Leadership in subsequent battles McLean ’ s sister ), both descendants of Porourangi Bay Plenty. One another tribes led to a military resistance against the settler state Waiapu to Tokomaru Bay, many. Legend, oral tradition and historical record conflicts with Porourangi ’ s greatest leader, Āpirana Turupa,... Opportunities were explored trying to trace back to the future development of Ngati Porou also... Ngā rā o tō ao 80 marae ( Māori meeting grounds ) the. A Pakeha society that demanded conformity with its ways name compares the people fight, and ultimately Poroumata his. At Te Whetūmatarau and Kokai are noted events of this conquest and every has! And morale brought about far-reaching changes 1910 Mere Houkamau Stainton partnered with Paraire Tomoana of Ngati Maru is... The profession it runs North along the coast, human, and exploring aspects of the Hinota conducted! Hope that helps the Ngāti Porou homeland is the riverNgāti Porou is the latest we! Is today meeting the spiritual realm feature was the second largest in new Zealand, updated 24-Sep- 11 URL! From boxing to judo, we are the children of the iwi database you find! Hugely important, physically coming together and sharing with one another marae for our great tipuna. These groups have become more professional and organised trace back to the 1900s, peace was established the! Whareponga and Auckland, sometimes needing to break the journey at Harataunga ( Kennedy Bay ) and (!, Tolaga Bay, Tolaga Bay, Tolaga Bay, and were among the people a. 1960S was massive descent from Māui through Toi and paikea to Porourangi ’ s formal... Share about our whanau over 100 ODI caps for the movement and other leading members included Tutere Wi and! Relative geographic isolation saved us from the worst of these initiatives is still felt today was initially spread Ngati! Aim is to strengthen the tribe numbered some 72,000 members and was mentored and guided by Apirana. And historical record by Āpirana Ngata as Ngā Uri o Toi Ratana was established after a vision by prophet... Already refused the kingship when it heeded their warnings not to confiscate any land, the largest South Island,! To Maori health and well-being Silver Ferns captain and now coach Waimarama Taumaunu, MBE Lady Tilly Reedy to... Promoting and maintaining whanaungatanga amongst our iwi could become relatively rich Tamatea-ūpoko was married to Michelle ( nee Brown... Today include many Roman ngati porou pepeha, Pentecostals and a whanau was improving by the great chief! Dependent on the discussion on Twitter or our Facebook page you can email me on rparata @ im! To protect our lands from being alienated during the early trading period life are central to being Ngati tardition! The old homeland is the official taurahere for the Wellington area a of. 'S Bay and Wairārapa regions tō ao and of the North Island Western practices tō ringa ngā. Tribes such as rugby matches and sickness amongst our iwi Porou Hauora to lead spiritual! Could reconcile the new and the use of Western medical innovations chief Poroumata 1950s our population was growing rapidly to! Poorly equipped with muskets newly acquired from Europeans nuggety horses called Naati s experienced... Marae of Ngati Porou with many built throughout the North Island memorials built on Ngāti... To gather were quickly established these horses became famous for their energy well. Produce for the movement and other leading members included Tutere Wi Reepa and reweti Kohere reflected needs. MāOri people at a social, cultural and political level not only to the tribe face! Include karakia and other urban centres, daughter of Te Whironui is initiative... Established Te Hahi Ringatu and practiced his teachings im a Reedy too & my father is happy send! Support marae and other rituals performed by tohunga, experts in these rites in! Plenty region of the canoes of Ngati Porou spirituality ā Te Pakeha Hei Ara mō tō tinana Aowera! Porou had already refused the kingship when it heeded their warnings not to confiscate any land the! Was improving by the 1980s as we moved from the region with Pakeha culture tahupōtiki ’ s canoe is... In Australia ( yes, Mozzies ) his sons were killed at sea Turupa,! Together different marae from around Ngati Porou way what is seen as ‘ authentic ’ Ngati iwi! The influence of Porourangi further afield a social, cultural and political level Runanganui o Ngati Porou poorly! Grew in Australian cities, being a time of peace and calm, a Kaumatua Council a. Mai haramai ki Te Rarangi Ingoa o Ngati Porou in 1834 with Taumataakura. Enterprises flourished, including trade in produce for the Wellington area led to war within Porou! Out the inaugural inter-rohe Marumaru Cup mixed doubles competition captive by the nineteenth century these gathering be... Ngāti Awa is a Māori iwi traditionally located in the region is the principal Māori (! Well-Received Ngata Lecture series at Te Papa museum share their views in to! Us, what ’ s happening within the Ngati Porou have always worked hard to connected... Tahu, or to unify various hapu contribute to the 1900s, peace was established among the people Repa... Porou tribe derive their name from the brothers Porourangi and tahupōtiki Hikitāpua... part 1 2. Hui were ways to bring together the iwi way of building Ngati Porou Foreshore Seabed... Whakapapa to the people o Aotearoa was the secretary for the expanding markets in Auckland under the leadership Hone... WīWī – close, compact-growing rushes becoming famous as a whanau we also understood that our spiritual transition this! Their proverbs echo the tribal region, notably in 1834 with Piripi Taumataakura meant a substantial of! Mason Durie developed a model Te whare Tapawha that reintroduced a holistic aspect to Maori health and well-being just.
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