So I might as well make a list of random stuff that pops in my head that I dislike. 34 Guys On Things Women Do That They Will NEVER Understand. If some one accuses me of aome thing that I didn't do the it get me out of mind. 1. You actually listen to people. I also did attempt to be slightly humorous when writing this, so do take into account that i'm not 100% serious with some of these. 24 Garbage Men Reveal The Ridiculous Things They’ve Found While Working. You like to have all the information … May 23, 2018 - Explore Sam Ann's board "Things that make me angry" on Pinterest. 60 Things That Make Me Angry By CL60 September 23, 2009 35 Comments Well I'm incredibly bored right now. feeling compelled to do, or doing, violent or impulsive things because you feel angry, such as driving recklessly or destroying things staying … See more ideas about shit happens, we the people, stop animal cruelty. Too much stimulation.” 15. 1. See more ideas about History, Interesting history, Photo. It's the little things in life, isn't it? But then there are these things ... these little annoyances that just really grind our gears. Things That Make Me Angry.Well where to start! That really, really, really piss us off. When other people just pretend to listen to what others say, you are actually interested. So lets go! I’ve also come to realize that it seemed almost too easy for me to list 100 things that annoy me, and for that, maybe I really need to chill out! I find them overpowering and they make me physically ill.” 16. Things … Sep 21, 2016 - Explore Janet Hanson's board "Things that make me angry" on Pinterest. People who hate red heads 4. Big Bird 3. And we know they grind your gears also. Human beings lying to me and not saying the truth. Things that make me angry: worksheets Task 4 – grammar: wish Anne uses wish a lot to talk about actions in the present that make her angry and that she would like to change. What makes you so exposed to hypocrisy? This seems like a very good time waster. 8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Was Diagnosed With Herpes. If you were one of my friends you would think everything makes me angry.This is not the case however, must i must agree there is a lot of things that do annoy me.Some are simple things that some people just don't understand. If it is a joke then no probably but if I get scolded by anyone then it makes me angry enough to let my rage turn into a fight in which no one can defeat me. Things That Make Me Angry. You like to listen to all sorts of opinion, views and thoughts. 2. Look, we understand there's all kinds of terrible shit going on that we should be angry about, and we are! I wish they would just finish their conversation before they get to the checkout. Many people are different so i will just tell you guys the top ten things that make me angry. Examples: I really wish people wouldn't drop their litter in the street. I cannot concentrate, people can ask me things and I won’t remember saying yes, I’m in a fog, and then need to take a nap as soon as it shuts down. 34 Guys On Things Women Do … People who don't take "no" for an answer 2. Strong smells “Especially from perfume or essential oils. Violence or gore in movies