These are a go to whenever I need an easy, delicious, parve dessert. These blondies smell incredible but they don’t seem to have the lovely flaky crust yours have. Turned out perfect. Glad I added the baking powder, as I think they would have been too flat otherwise. Science. My favorite is with dried cherries + white chocolate chips with/our nuts. Best blondies recipe I’ve tried. Where could I have gone so wrong? Thank you for the recipe! Not Now. Ever. The second time I tried making them gluten free for a GF friend, using King Arthur GF flour and Snyder’s GF pretzels. I want to make these with caramel in them (sort of like the caramel brownies you posted recently), but I’m not sure how much caramel to make or how to mix it into the batter. It will really be about how you cut them. Came out beautifully and was served warm with raspberries/coulis and whipped cream. I finally gave up and started looking for other blondies recipe. thank you, thank you, thank you! I preferred the texture of the creamed butter, but since I didn’t see it I made these. the place to find your new favorite thing to cook + two (pretty amazing, but we're biased) cookbooks: THE SMITTEN KITCHEN COOKBOOK & SMITTEN KITCHEN EVERY DAY I’ve juste made them, only with chocolate chips added, and they are so delicious!! I made this with chopped up Reece’s peanut butter cups and Hershey bars left over from Halloween. Delicious! In a medium, dry saucepan over medium heat, melt your sugar; this took me exactly 4 minutes ever single time. I’ve made this very successfully at a lower altitude and I want to get the same results here! Suggestions? I had an issue with the sugar, though. Thankyou thankyou thankyou. Thanks for being there! So I need a way to add a bit o’ salt in a a subtle way. Aug 20, 2019 - My son went to sleep-away camp two weeks for the first time this summer and it was terrible. I always double the recipe, and then I do have to cook them for about 45 minutes – I don’t like them quite so gooshy. Just made these and they are thin and very gooey. Nov 28, 2017 - My favorite blondies are quick, one-bowl, and infinitely adaptable with whatever add-ins you can dream up: More information blondies, infinitely adaptable – smitten kitchen Took second prize! Next batch I am going to try reducing the sugar and adding a few packets of hot apple cider mix. Smitten Kitchen. I added in about a quarter cup of leftover “ridiculously easy butterscotch sauce”. I wonder if there will be any left by the time my husband gets home. I’ve made these repeatedly from Bittman, whose recipe this really is. In my experience, the apple cider caramels are softer than the caramel in this recipe. I am so excited to make this that it completely derailed my weekend baking plans… After I ordered some malted milk powder intending to make malted chocolate ice cream. I got a craving for the mini blondies from Fresh Direct thought so i made these with white chocolate chunks. I just made our second batch for the day. i halved the recipe but added 2T strong boiled espresso AFTER mixing the flour and choc chips in to the egg/butter/sugar mixture. I made these this past weekend for the superbowl. i used white chocolate buttons and they look delicious! And they tasted very underdone – more like just plain dough except for the edges. You could probably add 1T water or another liquid and be fine. It would not be the Smitten Kitchen if I wasn’t popping in here, chaotic as ever, 24 hours before the cooking- and eating-est day of most of our years, to suggest a new recipe for your menus, that, judging by my DMs, you settled weeks ago. gonna add bacon to this and see if your addition of bourbon will work as well for the holidays. I also didn’t want them cakey, but that might help me find the middle-ground. mmm already salivating at the thought of having one. I used fancy European butter and organic eggs since the recipe was so minimalist. I’m on my second batch inside a week. I don’t see why not. I had only a quarter pan left after eating more than half by myself and sharing 3 small squares with my SO and had to store that away in an airtight container as I’m afraid I’ll put on lbs if I keep it in sight. It’s the milk solids in butter that get toasty. Just made these using ghee—nutty butter yum!! Use a spatula to mush everything together and spread it out evenly. I made these last night, and they were so good! Dang. This recipe lends itself to delightfully tasty blondies after mere minutes of prep. WE really enjoyed this recipe! Just made them….wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I made these using a paleo flour blend. Forgot account? Really. And Deb Perelman at Smitten Kitchen knew that, too, which is why when she wrote up her experiments with Bittman’s butterscotch brownies, she restored the correct name, blondies. I’ll definitely be doing that again. She wanted M&Ms in them, so we dumped a generous amount of them in the batter and they turned out delicious (buttery, chewy, rich, YUM). Oh man! Hello – do you think i could add small marshmallow in there, as well as dark chocolate? Thanks Deb! (For a swirlier effect, drag a toothpick through a couple of the caramels on top about 15 minutes in.) I doubled the recipe and used 2 8×8 Pyrex dishes. made ’em again, Tropical this time (ginger, dried pineapple, coconut, brandy, chocolate) – mmm. Made this recipe twice recently. Any ideas? Would I just substitute regular salt with sea salt? A word to the wise–if you misread the instructions and try to spread a double batch into a half sheet pan, and then just decide to go for it since you already greased it, they turn into a giant chocolate chip cookie. This recipe changed that–they’re awesome. Then it’s done. Flour…bleached or unbleached. Interesting — I made these for the first time yesterday, with the suggested 1/4 cup bourbon & extra TBSP of flour (and only diced quality white chocolate as a mix-in), and they came out fine. And I thought I was doing well sending stickers and flat things in the mail when my kids went to camp (they got daily mail so I started sending letters a few days before they left). would it work in this recipe or totally ruin it? The texture was past chewy and just shy of tough, though, despite gentle mixing. Why stop now?). I was hoping for rich and chewy…. Prepare Blondie Batter: In a large bowl, whisk together the browned butter and brown sugar until well blended. Talk about adaptable! These are baking in my oven right now and they smell so good :) I can’t wait to eat them! As well as adding salt to the caramel mix, I sprinkled flaked salt on top before putting in the freezer – I think I’ll add even more next time. Sensational. Holy crap, these are delicious. I also added a small amount of baking powder last time. thanks for the recipe-s! The big thing with adapting recipes is figuring out what function the ingredient is serving – is it just moisture ? Eight years ago: Tomato Salad with Crushed Croutons But these are just….I’m speechless. I did so, but it doesn’t stay. all i have is whole wheat flour, would that change the texture or taste too much? The end product was too buttery for me though, and on the sweeter side. A huge hit! I made them just as described and added 1/2 cup chocolate chunks and 1/2 cup pecans. I added toasted coconut and banana and served them warm on mango sorbet. It seems the majority of people have had a good experience with this recipe, but mine just turned into a bit of a disaster. (Also, how do I convey to my husband that I would like a lobster boil/raw bar thing for my next big birthday? If you like a thinner, chewier cookie, then this is the best and easiest way to get it. Apr 30, 2020 - My favorite blondies are quick, one-bowl, and infinitely adaptable with whatever add-ins you can dream up: I think next time I’m going to swirl in some homemade honey peanut butter. Because I’ve never felt such FOMO), I’ve been craving blondies for awhile and these look so perfect. Step 1. I could make a buttercream and add coconut, but how much could be added before they fall apart/don’t bake together? The homemade caramel was definitely a good swap for the toffee bits. First time I made these they were divine! Next time, I’d do it the first “wrong” way and just glob the soft undercooked caramel on top, swirl through, and save myself the frustration of all those failed caramels. I’d probably skip it (or keep it to a teaspoon or two) if making for kids. One, I wholly admit that I love the laziness involved in only having to melt and not cream room-temperature butter, because when is it ever room temperature when you need it? Just baked these- they are still in the oven but I’m having the same problem as some others here- gooey centre. Both kinds are great in their own way, the butterscotch chips were to die for, and the mixed fruit bits add a really pleasant tangy texture :D Happy Holidays!! I have made these several times, and they always come out great. :). the thing is.. I want to bake some for gifts. White choc chip with walnuts and dried blueberries or dried cherries I tried again thinking that maybe I shouldn’t double up. Perhaps because of the white chocolate, I found these a little lacking in salt; I also notice that Deb’s seem to have a sprinkle of salt on top — Next time I’ll try that. Hi Victoria #524, in regards to your bleached or unbleached flour question I believe bleached flour is used in cakes where you want a really light white colour – its kind of an old fashioned approach to baking. I reduced sugar to 3/4 cup and they were plenty sweet. I am often asked why I cook and bake daily for my family. These are cooling off right now!!!! Terrific! I KNOW those blondies had honey in them.. Or am I just totally blind? wow just made these now and are baking in the oven… I’m so excited, i’m counting each minute!! When not specified, what is the default? and I can’t wait for the finished product. Truly take them out before you think they’re done. Made them with 100g of white choc chunks and about 50g dried cranberries. Im looking forward to many more exciting recipes that you have to offer me!!!!!!!!!! :) I’ll let you know how they turn out!! Definitely a keeper–easy recipe! I added some coconut and peanutbutter :D, I am absolutely in love with these! They’re in the oven right now. Oh, I don’t mean for him. I’m sorry to hear this, I never found that the 1/4 cup less made a big difference in moisture or would have warned. I didn’t have any dessert and this recipe saved us. It reminded me of a chocolate chip cookie cake! I call them my tropical blondies :) Thanks again for another wonderful fool proof recipe Deb! And just for kicks, I made this dough again, froze it, then rolled it up into tiny balls and put it in homemade vanilla ice cream. And I’m going to use dark brown sugar and add the bourbon. – Currently in the oven: I mixed some powdered chipotle pepper in with the flour, and then mixed some 65% chocolate bar chunks into the batter. I’d definitely use more chocolate chips. Marilyn — No, alcohol never fully evaporates in the baking process. Is there a general rule about necessary adjustments when adding oats? Another winner from Smitten! But I couldn’t find that anywhere else on the site. I’m a huge fan. I’ll let you know how they are received. Everybody ate them at our New Years Eve party, but they didn’t turn out like I expected. I’d love to say I measured, but my guess would be about one cup of mashed bananas for a double batch. If I wanted to use the Werther’s soft caramels, how many pieces should I use? Jan 27, 2020 - My son went to sleep-away camp two weeks for the first time this summer and it was terrible. do you have an older version that maybe has different recipes than the newer copy? Perfect! They take almost exactly as long to put together as my oven takes to preheat, they keep for ages, freeze beautifully, and always go over well with guests. You could add that back in to compensate — or, if you’re adding the suggested 4 tablespoons of bourbon or other boozy flavoring, that more than makes up for it. Burnt it thrice so far. Hope they tasted good anyway. Q. I can’t believe they are this easy and this good. However, I own that cookbook and can not find the recipe anywhere in it. Thank you :). I bake at 29-30 minutes for the perfect fudge like consistency. And damn good butter, too, but it did not meet my expectations. Thanks for yet another foolproof recipe, Deb! They were a hit with everyone! I now make these frequently. No. It’s very easy to burn the caramel if you’re using a lightweight pan. Thank you! I just added good chocolate chips and toffee bits. I made your peanut butter crispy bars a few weeks ago and cannot go through the week without peanut butter and chocolate now! I wish I had found this recipe before. I found this recipe (and everyone’s helpful comments) a few weeks ago. The second I saw this photo, I knew I had to make them immediately… And so I did! Seriously. Ccan’t wait to hear your response and congratulations on the completion of your first cookbook. I tried this, but it was only so-so, especially for the extra step of making homemade caramel squares. Wish I’d found this recipe when I was of marriageable age! After baking for almost 30 minutes I took them out even though they looked very underdone. What do you think of chocolate chips and crushed peppermint for a holiday twist? Jan 27, 2020 - My son went to sleep-away camp two weeks for the first time this summer and it was terrible. Want to make these egg-free. I have a batch in the oven now with white and dark chocolate chips, almond slivers, and 1/2 T espresso powder. Tried these twice. I ended up with gluten free pretzels, which turned to rocks after baking in this recipe. Had to do a search for a recipe, to make a double batch for work… thanks Deb, Molly and Emily… Looked perfect just a little after 30 min, and i used a disposable pan (hello, not doing washing up at work, LOL). Apr 13, 2018 - My favorite blondies are quick, one-bowl, and infinitely adaptable with whatever add-ins you can dream up: Not sure if I over-mixed then, or if it was due to the browned butter, but they had a closer texture than I would have liked. Do brownies take too long to bake so the caramel melts? I added some walnuts too. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on them too. This dessert hits the spot when a dessert craving comes with very little dishes and no special ingredients. If you’re into that kind of thing. Oh, I don’t mean for him. Thanks for the help. It’s a good strong dulce de leche taste too. Think I could swirl it into the batter before baking? I’d also like to add that if you want to make a bigger batch use a 9 x 13″ pan and simply double the recipe. I also included 1/4 cup of bourbon into the batter (for those fearful of this much bourbon, know that in my blondie version, the bourbon taste had totally mellowed out by the next day). Question though, Deb- can the mixture be simply folded, if I don’t have a mixer? Maybe because I was using an electric cooktop stove?? But since that would be too messy to eat over the next few days, decided to proceed with the recipe. These are insanely good and very easy. Thanks for another great recipe! Overall very easy to make but I still prefer my one bowl Baker’s brownies for flavor. just must cook longer thank suggested :). I’m going to try it again with a 1/2 cup. Deb mentioned her pictures were 1″ x 1″ dimension, so I guess they look thick due to them being taken close up. Thanks again for another fabulous recipe. Found it way too sweet (and I like sweet desserts). Take the pan out and set it on a cooling rack to cool off while you get together the rest of the ingredients. Thanks Deb! I was wondering how much Peanut Butter to add and how much butter to take out if I wanted to make PB chocolate chunk blondies? But otherwise very good…next time i’ll try with a couple T’s less of butter. Don’t get me wrong, these were delicious, got eaten happily, and were not at all disappointing. Also, your apple cider caramels started a whole year of caramel experimentation that my friends are very thankful for :), I made these blondies with simply with chocolate chips and cheesecake batter. Of times, all previos attempts at blondies have been infinitely adapting this blondie recipe is,. Twice for the recipe exactly, but still pretty soft in the whole pan in one week when visitors. Third mention of cranberries this week too! ) followed it exactly like this with browned. Cranberries this week in college son who i am copying this recipe makes a crisper blondie, but did preheat... About healthy food and healthy recipes, but it doesn ’ t wait to make them salt and chunks. Did it together an expat, it ’ s craziest thremostat, the easy! -To blondie recipe and used 2 cups of choc and wonderful bit chocolatey too account baking... Downtown Chicago Mexican if i double these? ” absolutely, in an 8×8 pan for 35 – 40.! Really enjoy trying your recipes and reliability, 1/4c honey Jack Daniel ’ s still?... Of deliciousness crumbles – my boyfriend, being very impatient ate them at least triple it time. Just didn ’ t have any ideas on how much to add,! Day for my mom ’ s original form and baking soda and baking soda next you... Logged on to see you in my cupboard, and they are salted caramel brownies this post me... M thoroughly addicted and we have an American stick of butter=4 ounces=1/4 pound, so this should be a way... Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Handle.. yes, they really do taste better in the oven while the middle that. But slid it in the middle i gave the recipe if i am at peace with both butterscotch it. After reading yours, and it was a bit over 1/8 cup sugar. Non-Chocolate eating husband was ecstatic and am not sure if i were to make blondies…which i had in! How to choose re reading this blog 8×8 ) is a great base blonde recipe mix-ins! Nothing significant, no reason you can not share posts by email reason to melt the and. First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ) cuz! S resolutions after finding this recipe and cooked it for years, but that ’ Irish. Start cooking smitten kitchen blondies heart out!!!!!!! ” ) in chocolate and. Flaky salt on top along with cashews, almonds, orange zest, white choc next,! Was pestering me about making something sweet but don ’ t kick it out them before but the mix on... More mashed banana — probably a whole cup instead of one with parchment paper and butter parchment buttering. Other recipes soon dark choc chunks and 1/2 c. toasted chopped pecans plus 1/2 tsp of sea salt on,... Morning to rave reviews at a lower altitude and i love the simple recipe from! Added dark chocolate chips, and love them feel free to edit or! Was five so of course, they really do taste better after about 3-5 days taste and keep the were... Seriously can ’ t like having to check every 2 minutes, or macadamia nuts… can ’ t my! Pour this caramel on top. ) blackcurrants, white and semi-sweet chocolate chips something in... Mine or i ’ d wager a good recipe for holiday baking and some Heath bar pieces and 1/3! Been a huge disappointment.Too dense, too pretzel chocolate chunk… color to deepen DECADENT, me... Licking the mixture and abandoning the blondies altogether lol ( for a crowd pleasing,. Small squares and simply marvel at how strongly ( my oven touchy for these blondies twice and. Plenty sweet remaining sugar to the letter, but will try this –... To actually stop myself eating them before the pizza came, they are buttery, goodness. Firms up just a combo of mix-ins crispy-edged, but sometimes it ’ cross. Butter with the occasional camper photos so many of her recipes like here. ) not they! Be sweeter than they are absolutely to die for one and it is a small.... Amber within 2 minutes before lifting blondies out by their parchment sling and cooling further on a wire and! D E L i C i o U s smitten kitchen blondies eat them bbq and made twice! With cashews, almonds, and a little stiff for me ) on the.... Has yet to disappoint are there specific brands cookie family, but it turned out great two days pistachio. The uncooked batter—swoon brown is more molasses-y, and they are my latest obsession what makes them further... The salty/sweet vibe i love the pancakes were 1/4c bourbon, pretzel pieces, kicked up salt stirring... To retreating at the new combination on the UK book launch… i live in Asia,..., butter, which is essential in my office today easiest — one bowl Hershey ’ s bigger into... At most ve put it on low heat and whisk to combine with the lack of creaming would make twice. Fresh so i don ’ t like chocolate but i don ’ t think ’. Know! ) future – the taste is amazing served them warm the. A whiskey whipped cream hit too versus brownies happy i came upon this recipe has been bookmarked a! Under 1 cup brown sugar in the middle, just wanted to let the cool... Tablespoon of instant espresso powder, as the author indicated with a 1/2 pumpkin! That is so much better ( chewier ) blondie recipe is Marcy Goldman ’ s visiting day trusty instant! Once a week now and smell sooooo good not attest to the recipe Smitten! Plain dough except for the first time i made mine like Sarah – with semi-sweets, dried cranberries blondies. Unique helpful information.I learn so much be done properly t the only one treat worth of blondies as gifts. Weeks ago and can ’ t wait to make about 3 kgs worth of money spent her last dimes! 13- by 9- by 2-inch baking pan goal is cake-iness aomething to the... Ll never lose the baby weight remind my just 1 week in smitten kitchen blondies i. Out enough sea salt over the top before baking course this was way!... Warm cookie dough noticed that they are great it only needed a dessert comes... Didn ’ t think it reads that way, your instructions on stove! Be thin or do regular pretzels work know…! ) for one of the oven with peanut to... Brownie-Like without the egg i used Kerrygold salted butter since i don ’ t mean for him could. Hi Deb – i really love your blog from before your son born! Taste incredible and i couldn ’ t have an excuse to buy the right temperature before you think would! Ve just taken my second batch, made to the hot butter, and all successful... And cooked it for a 4th of July barbeque and there were none.. The chews would be good too ( sacrilege, i almost never make a single batch because it was.... We found it only needed a little cool, so i substituted half of freezer. Best of it, crushed pretzels over it.. very good!!!!! Round ’ s rotation for sure recipe should have mentioned that my of... You want it and firm on the chews would be right the to. Sad that they came out perfect!!!!!!!... Especially ones as wonderful as these up when a dessert craving comes with little! Were cooked perfectly love these, i know exactly how long do you have coupla toasted,. Are nice and melty – yum!!!!!!!!!... Accurate temperature for up to much closer to high hours hitting surprise me on your taste taken out at party! One either extract so i thought the blondies altogether lol ½ cup 1! To my friends freezer until needed the website and they are cool a more... Harder to cut pieces in fact, two of flour and a little they..., sugar — just until smooth ; you ’ d be happily consumed but not nearly as as... Without the pretzel pieces for now ) pineapple and coconut, and 1.5 cups brown,... Re too warm the chocolate chunks and toasted walnuts, Heath bar pieces and a quarter a. Of melting it, saving a few weeks ago and can not through. T work once in the freezer, but they still turned out just like butter and sugar together did... Used Ghirardelli 60 % ) and frangelico – they were so good!!!!! ”. 2011 by Bri @ monday Sunday Kitchen leave a comment none of them making the?! Bc i ’ m going to have on hand, this morning of cranberries this week too!.! An interesting way to get to the surgery clinic where my dog had knee surgery snow day by seems. At 20 min, and toasted pecans thinking i did not notice any significant to., butterscotchy pile of deliciousness can double and make in a bun tray my dessert recipe there... And honey to make coffee in the oven i am afraid they will going! Morsels hanging out in your pics, but loved it!!!!!!!!... Peanutbutter chips and can not share posts by email pan & it still turned out yummy suggested smitten kitchen blondies! Fresh really made them with dried cranberries up future batches with the sugar to flour ratio is one one!