He fell down later and then used Firestorm as much as possible and boom, one-go'd this boss. Anyone knows how to go there...? Head right, down two flights of stairs to find two Balder Knights, and a chest with the Flame Stoneplate Ring. And when there's two Oh my God. Walkthrough of Sens' Fortress, gateway to Arnor Londo. What's your favourite Fashion Souls load out? Back Again - Through the hole in the wall, find a small cell with the bars on the windows pried open. Continue forward and refrain from rushing out the doorway; large boulders are roll down from the left past your doorway, in intervals. Help. I got the Gold-Hemmed Armor set and failed to beat Ceaseless Discharge but apart of the Chaos Covevant with 2 humanities fed to Izalith. Well **** me.Also first Titanite Demon didn't drop anything. I expect it is extremely unlikely anyone would be at Sen's with a +3, more likely a +5 or +10 (Lightning Spear makes someone +10). But then in the Japanese version, it was written as センの古城 which is pronounced "sen no kojou" which directly translates to "Sen's Old Castle/Fortress". A few well placed arrows, aimed at the mage may also knock him from his perch and cause his fall to death). Make your way back up to the boulder aiming room to continue. Home; Left is an Undead Knight you can safely ignore, and a vagrant spawn point. Passing the first two blades is this easiest bit, passing the third and fourth, you will be targeted with lightning spells by the Man-Serpent mage from the walkway above. I could take my weapon level higher, but stopped there to be safe. At this point, we were at level 50 using an enhanced Black Knight Sword. But in order to enter this dangerous place, you have to ring two bells - one of them is located in Undead Parish and the other in Blighttown/Quelaag's Domain.You should prepare many arrows for this location and increase the number of Estus Flask at nearby bonfire. Enter to find the Black Sorcerer Set and the Sorcery: Hush then head back to the mage's platform. You'll immediately notice Sen's fascination with pendulum guillotines - these may be referred to as swinging blades or any of the four bolded words combined [for some variety]-, which make the walkway more challenging to cross. Block another attack, and move again until you're both side-ways on the pass. When's A Chest Not A Chest? In the room at the other side of the walkway, there's a Man-Serpent soldier down a corridor on the right with a floor-less doorway, that drops down to the pit, behind him - be careful. Before continuing up the stairway, break the pots adjacent to the doorway to find a Soul of a Brave Warrior. This makes me sad because I love invading in Sen's but I never get anything. Hop down a platform further to find two Man-Serpent soldiers and Siegmeyer of Catarina again; if you want to avoid a tough fight and continue his quest-line, ensure you don't strike him. FORTRESSB | FFB | Fortress REIT Ltd. SENS and news including trading statements and result summaries Near the end, you'll see Big Hat Logan locked in a cage on the right, and you'll also find a Soul of a Hero in a cage to the left. When life gives you lemons, you can lure one of the Man-Serpents out to the middle and trigger the plate at the right time to kill them. Sens fortress i really sens fun house when you understand that. The Man-Serpent soldier right outside will prove to be an example of what happens if you don't watch out for the boulders. Behind him you will find a corpse with the Cage Key, which will allow you to access a soul and free Big Hat Logan (if you didn't have the Master Key already) and unlock the two hanging cages for the shortcut mentioned above. "sen" in katakana would be セン of course, in hiragana it would be せん which is a roughly accurate alternative to write 千, a kanji character meaning "thousand". Kjornflake369. Notes & Trivia: Quelaag's Domain was inspired by Demon's Souls' Stonefang Tunnel, and … Once targeted, you should be able to easily take him out with ranged attacks if you stand close to the edge. (If you wonder what lies beneath the walkways and wish to venture into the depths of this room, please check The Pit). gladly awaiting TESV:Skyrim, Resistance 3, Dark Souls, and Mass Effect 3. Level 35 waiting outside boss chamber for someone to join my game lol. From there, go up the stairs, cross the bridge then down the stairs, and finally run up the ramp to find the room with the boulder aiming mechanism. Swinging Guillotines - Atop the stairs, you'll find a massive room. To leave the the pit, head for the room in the corner next to where you initially dropped down, with a ladder that brings you up to the out-of-reach item from earlier, and by hitting the blocked-up archway up here you'll reveal a secret ladder to the top of the fortress where you can kill the Giant that opened the gate. It's time for Sen's Fortress (and, subsequently, Dark Souls) to get the Level Design Hall of Fame treatment in this newest video. Make your way back up to the boulder aiming room again. Speed Run Walkthrough A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here. To Londo - After the boss fight, you will be rewarded with the Core of the Iron Golem and a Humanity, and will also see a glowing orange ring in the centre of the arena. My sword is 147 I think, but When I hit these guys I'm only doing 25-26 damage. Going straight leads you to a Tower Shield Knight with a painful mace, however can be taken out using arrows without getting his attention by standing before the stairs leading down to him. Beware of the two pressure plates that trigger the arrow trap, one on either side - the arrows come from the left if you trigger either switch. I remember being able to turn them on and of with a lever or something, but I can't remember where. In the resulting room, you'll see various hanging cages on either side of the walkway. Loading ... Low level slow-walk invasions ... 9:27. A quick detour up the spiral staircase, opposite the fog gate, will allow you to deal with the pesky Firebomb Giant. You can break the big hat logan wall without boulder if you R2 the snake soldier to the wall with black knight sword. Past him you will find two chests holding a Divine Blessing and a Rare Ring of Sacrifice.Becoming A Sniper - Head back the way you came - where you found the second corpse with the Large Titanite Shard. If you've got the stamina, number two can be forced into suiciding without you taking a swing. Then pass through the swinging guillotines as quick as you can and fight the Man-Serpent soldier under the walkway holding the Man-Serpent mage; this blocks the mage's attacks from reaching you. His attacks will never force you backwards on a block, so shield up, let him hit you once, and then side step a little so you're at an angle. This is likely the first time you'll meet one of these, so take note. How do you tell if somebody is a zombie? There are a couple of other subtle differences, but the chain allows you to tell at a glance. You'll have to be quick about traversing the walkway, but follow it around without falling off and you'll have your melee fight with the Archer, if you didn't kill him already. The Firebomb Giant on the roof will be hurling these down, every chance he gets until you get to him. share. His death will not only reward you with 3000 souls, but with the peace of mind of your safety from fireballs for the remainder of your rooftop travels. The reason I'm wanting to get there soon is because you can buy Large Titinam shards......right? Beware The Boulders - Let a boulder pass by and then chase it down the winding ramp (NOTE: Any form of contact with the boulder registers as it hitting you), avoiding the spells of the Man-Serpent mage on the rafters above. To defeat him just stay close behind him, hack and slash at his legs and back away when he begins to stomp. Just a mildly general knowledge I would like to point out here since it is interesting to be think of, at least for me, after reading several comments earlier than mine. Might want to add a note to the lightning spear because on remastered its a wl10 weapon and will bump you up to that if you are not already at or past wl10. Not a big deal though since I summoned Iron Tarkus prior to entering the battle. Is there any advice you guys could give me for help. Hey Guys, First playthrough and I got to sens fortress and immediately hit a wall. It is the only route that leads directly to great Anor Londo. And the worst part is that I'll probably be back at it again before tomorrow. Continue left through the door and you'll see a sleeping Man-Serpent soldier leaning against a wall on the walkway below - if you wish to rescue Big Hat Logan, leaving this guy alone can help with doing so later. Sorcerer Set - Change the direction of the boulders to allow you to go down the path with the winding ramp that you chased a boulder down earlier. For this group, sprint through them all in one go and try not to fall off (You may find that rolling through them is more effective, if you are particularly slow due to heavy armor). Down here you'll find another three Titanite Demons - four if you haven't killed the one we advised you to - that do not respawn. Home > Sens Fortress (br) Overview Champions Records All champions . Sen's Fortress: On a ledge, below the first hill, where the rolling boulders are encountered. More Guillotines - No bow or arrows? Is there a weapon anybody recommends? Not even just the fortress, I keep dying in Anor Londo as well to the gargoyle mini-bosses or to the painters on the balance beams. I'm at SL 35 with +9 weapons at Sens and I get invasions instantly.