Apple Cider Margaritas This post may contain affiliate links. Pumpkin spice, apples, and cinnamon all bring forth that seasonal tang that makes everyone ready for the cooler weather. Why you will love these apple cider margaritas! I added 1 ½ oz to each mug of hot apple cider for the perfect kick! Bonus points for fancy garnishes. Toast the season with this autumn-inspired Tequila Cider Smash cocktail. That’s why we have collected and crafted: 5 Yummy Apple Cider Vinegar and Tequila Cocktails. Apple Cider Margarita Ingredients. Tequila Casa Dragones has chosen 6 extraordinary cocktails that capture the essence of winter. You can never go wrong with apples and oranges! Welcome fall with the Best Apple Cider Margaritas. Up to 2 cups is enough for a 6 quart recipe. These combine tequila, triple sec, fresh lime juice, with apple cider, and take just 10 minutes to prepare. Although it might still be 90 plus degrees and full summer mode here in Florida, I must admit that this hot apple cider spiked with Fireball really put me in an autumn mindset. This apple cider margarita recipe is the perfect cocktail to serve in the Autumn and at the holidays, when apple cider is in season! This Apple Cider Cocktail with Apple Cider, Apple Brandy, Vodka, and Hard Cider was a revelation and a must have during the Fall season. Tequila or Mezcal – I used both and while Mezcal is always my favorite, it overpowered the flavor of the cocktail. A Crockpot full of creamy, dreamy Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate is perfect for the kids. The hard apple cider is then combined with lime juice, agave, and your choice of either tequila (for more of a classic margarita taste) or vodka (which usually pairs better with the apple cider). However, you can also combine it with other spirits, liked Vodka (regular or flavored) or even Mezcal or Tequila. After removing the mulled cider pot from the heat, pour in your liquor of choice. Apple Cider Cocktail – use fresh apple cider to make this smooth and delicious fall cocktail! The perfect warming drink on those cooler winter evenings. Just 4 ingredients and so easy to make. Even if the germ killing is debatable, it will warm you up, and taste great while doing so! What alcohol is good with apple cider? Another hot cider drank to keep you warm and toasty this fall. Jump to Recipe. Last updated on May 18, 2020. Combined with some of the best rum, whiskey, vodka, and tequila, these cider cocktails are perfect for any holiday celebration. This bourbon apple cider cocktail is one of our favorite cold weather drinks. Can This Hot Apple Cider be Made as an Alcoholic Drink? How to mix. More Recipes to Make with Apples. For our choice of Tequila, we use a standard 100% blue agave blanco choice, Camarena Tequila Silver (picture listed above). 8. Out current seasonal sipping situation is some sort of warm, spiced apple cider hot toddy. It’s no secret that I’ve been obsessed with mezcal the past few years, after having been in “camp tequila” for so many years prior with my margaritas. ; Easy and quick: Simple to make, it takes about 5 minutes to make one of these drinks from scratch. It sure can! Here is how you can prepare an apple cider recipe. Float heavy cream. Apples are one of my favorite fruits to bake with as you can probably tell from this blog. Apple Cider Hot Toddy. Apple Cider Margarita. As soon as fall hits I am all about apple everything!