The applicant has to submit a pre-recorded video response to the university’s questions. Anyway, your works are so great!!! Hi Katie, do you think I can still be accepted into Emily Carr if I don't have many, if any paintings? Hey! As always, I'm always happy to help ^^. Join Facebook to connect with Emily Carr and others you may know. That is plenty for industrial design, good luck! I have gotten attached to her, named her Botan , Japanese for peony! Personal statement; A current resume/CV; Three Letters of recommendation; Here are specific academic requirements for graduate programs offered by the Emily Carr University of Arts and Design: I'm not sure what Emily Carr's animation needs now since its been 4 years, but you may want to include some fully coloured pieces as well (like backgrounds). Hello, So I'm in the process of submitting my portfolio to Emily Carr university. As for improving the quality of your work, look into anatomical and colour studies! Here is the table of contents. This is just a rough idea of what can get you into the programs with relatively high scores. Hello! Hi Katie!I just get start to prepare my portfolio for animation program of emily carr, but I have no idea about the differences between this program and the one of sheridan. For the essay just discuss about your works; your main ideas and the feelings that you put into them. My overall total score was 70/100. See more ideas about sketch book, art sketchbook, gcse art sketchbook. Good luck! and in one part, it says that you need to add an additional piece to your portfolio but it has to be either Invent, transform or engage. Thanks!! Also, how advanced do the industrial designs have to be? Good thing is that he is a serious otaku and will not move much. Even Emily Carr (sorry, imho). We offer leading art, design, and media degree program This course introduced… Read More. Is there any tips or hints you can give me ? Design. Example Portfolio for OCAD and Emily Carr (Accepted) These are a few examples of the work I put in my portfolios for OCAD and Emily Carr. All they sent was an acceptance letter but I can't remember if I got a score letter with it. Make sure to. You have amazing works! Two seems to be enough for the portfolio but feel free to use however many you'd like! Graduate Admissions Requirements . Good luck! Finally, the room line drawings. Otherwise, I think its great~ Good luck on your application! I'm not good at it which is probably why I don't seem to enjoy it as much. Accepted to Sheridan Animations! In a matter of several weeks, I went from not being able to draw to being comfortable communicating ideas and concepts in 3D. how many mins gestures were they? This actually took a lot of thought, since it has to be creative for the higher grades. I think that your art is very cute and full of style! Hi Katie, Is Brenda Torres From Mexico I would like to show you my portfolio to Emily Carr I want to study Animation.Can you please give me a feedback.. I wish you luck on OCAD!Even if you do not get accepted the first year, make sure you can get some feedback and work towards your next goal! I know animation schools prefer shorter gestures (30s to 5 min) but illustration schools prefer longer poses (10-30min). Yes, go ahead and send to my email jinniexy@gmail.comThough, if you have already submitted I would say don't worry about the results since it is out of your control, but there is always room for improvement : ). If not that's okay :). so the following pieces… They are usually looking to see if you have a solid foundation in the arts. This is one of the works used specifically for OCAD's industrial design. I was wondering if you could give me some tips on my portfolio. Just remember that its always quality over quantity, so pick your best pieces~. I took general art classes where I learned how to draw still life, but you can learn all those fundamentals by yourself if you want to. Some schools will not accept fan-works and will disqualify anyone who uses them, so be very careful!Other than that, your first three works are very nice and cute, so keep it up! Perfect scores! Just wanted to start off by saying that I appreciate that you're still helping others even if it's been a while since you yourself applied for university, it's very nice of you! its really helpful too, so thank you. Just keep drawing! Legal Guides. Basics may get boring but they are the key to success.Hope this helps! About the Profession. i"m so nervous and excited! Did u just upload the pictures or like put your idea sketches along side the same file/picture? Thank you so much! High school students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors and college/university transfer students are encouraged to attend. I'm quite scare ! I have a few months left to improve and really want to be accepted to a university I apply to (OCAD for Graphic Design, Sheridan for Design, or Ryerson University for New Media). With an ever-increasing number of entrepreneurs vying for a share of the market, creating a statement with your personal brand is more important than ever before.I’ve done some digging and collated an ultimate list of 33 stunning personal branding examples for you to study and draw inspiration from. :/ Can I send you some of my work for you to look over and give me advice? View Emily Carr’s 473 artworks on artnet. Just looking for advice on whether I could get into an art related program given my portfolio/skillset and any tips on improving the quality of my work. I'm still having trouble deciding which course I want to apply for as well as finishing up my portfolio haha. The Design Portfolio better paying jobs requiring similar levels of education or skill. Can you tell me - how "harsh" will my portfolio be critisized? I hope that your goal to pursue your visual art education will not be too discouraged by this decision; our programs are small and therefore very competive to get into. not art! Example Portfolio for OCAD and Emily Carr (Accepted), Portfolio for Sheridan Illustration (Accepted). Find detailed portfolio requirements on our website. Im planning to add some in there too but im unsure whether a 5 min gesture or 10, 30? I was wondering whether this type of drawings can be my portfolio. Here it is (minus personal art and life drawings, too large to scan ;u;). I'm so excited to be admitted to Sheridan! I don't know what and how to impress the professors through the artworks in my portfolio. Thanks xx. If you need to send traditional artwork to sheridan, make a copy instead. Those are usually what art programs like to peg, unless its something like fashion where creativity is the most important, but I think you have that part down. Apply to Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Hi there! This does NOT include everything nor does every work appear in both portfolios. Do you mean for Emily Carr? If you have any anatomy studies or drawings from life that is a good idea to put in as well. AIGA WorldStudio Scholarships . Carr was born in Victoria, British Columbia in 1871. for the Invent section it says this: Invent: Address a problem through innovation or invention. Really cool! “I tried to showcase the skill that I thought I had in each of the classes I wanted to take. Thanks, dad~. I'm sure if you know your fundamentals well and show hard work and creativity that they will accept you. Hey Katie! Good luck on your portfolio, just be creative and bold! I myself prefer to design smaller things such as lamps and other more "simple" things will they accept that? At Emily Carr I learned drawing through a course called Rapid Visualization. I did not do very well on the structure and proportions of the hands, and the lines were slightly too narrow. When applying for MDM, for example, it’s best to submit an online portfolio. Hello Nikki!I only used two industrial designs in my portfolio for OCAD. And that is it! Emily Carr University of Art + Design, in Vancouver, Canada, is a world leader in education and research. I was wondering which program you applied to at OCAD with this portfolio. A figure doing an everyday activity. Hi Katie!I really want to apply in Emily Carr, and I'm in the process of preparing my portfolio for Emily Carr communication design. Sorry, I don't remember of a project section when I applied three years ago. Powered by SlideRoom. Example Portfolio for OCAD and Emily Carr (Accepted) These are a few examples of the work I put in my portfolios for OCAD and Emily Carr. waitresses at Earls?) I'm so lost hope u can help. Commitment to Community. I mean, did you have to sketch the whole inside, what material, how everything should work etc. Also, a project during which I learned that completely redoing the design of an 88 page … Make sure you either have a good variety of work or a very centralized style, full colour is usually best but include sketches as well. I am currently enrolled in Emily Carr. This does NOT include everything nor does every work appear in both portfolios. One is above in the post and the second is a car done in a similar style. Hello Georgedumpling!I took a look at your work, but there are a couple things you may want to look at. This does, Be sure to have a good sketchbook (the last three are examples of my coloured works in sketchbooks)! One such example is the single-channel video Sleeping Dogs (2016), where the camera is steadily trained on stray animals in Kathmandu who make claims to the space of the city—street corners and sidewalks coursing with people—through the simplest and most basic act of slumber. to log in and edit your portfolio as much as you like; however, please note that once you have submitted it, you will no longer be able to make changes. Game Art & Design portfolios (12 pieces of your best work) should include: at least one example of digital paint, graphic design or illustration, one example of 3D models and/or animation (Maya recommended but any 3D package will do), and some number of drawings showing a … As a graduate applicant you must apply online using the EducationPlannerBC Application Service. (I am in highschool right now, grade 12) Place I applied to: Emily Carr, Syracuse, University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, and Carleton University. März 1945 in Victoria) war eine kanadische Malerin und Schriftstellerin, die stark von den indianischen Kulturen Kanadas beeinflusst worden ist. My cousin in his room. One more thing.... do you have a photo of the car one? Portfolio: consists of 18 to 20 examples of visual projects. I just submitted pictures, but if you are doing sculptures I think adding the idea sketches is a good idea. Can I be NOT accepted at all, or is it a matter of how high my score will be? Don't be afraid, just send your stuff out there! :). Hi, I want to apply to Drawing&Painting in OCAD. The purpose was to build a series of contours, with a water feature, trees, people, and something similar to a pagoda. I just sat down in two areas of my home and drew what I saw. If you would like, you can link or send me your current portfolio for tips and critiques. Hi Daniel! I am actually super out of the loop with Emily Carr and OCAD, but I can tell you what I did 4 years ago. This year's cut-off score was 59. hello I know this post is kind of old but however i noticed you added gestures in your portfolio. Why a … The spreads on my somewhat excessive Emily Carr Graduate Portfolio. This does, Be sure to have a good sketchbook (the last three are examples of my coloured works in sketchbooks)! Here are some things I put in my portfolio to apply for universities! I'm not sure how the OCAD policy is either, but it's best to check if they accept fan-art works (Iron Man and Venom). I used the same one in my animation portfolio since it is essentially the same thing and I was running low on time. Emily Carr was a Canadian artist and writer known for her expressive paintings of coastal forests in British Columbia and the First Nation tribes that lived there. For OCAD I applied to industrial design, but I am missing two important pieces here since they were too large to scan. Portfolio Festival. Anyway, i was planning on applying for particularly Emily Carr's industrial design program but also OCAD next year. As always, feel free to email me as I am available to help! Hi! Hi,I want to apply Industrial Design in OCAD, but i only have 4 design works, others are all drawing and painting, is that enough for Industrial Design? Storyboarding, nearly a perfect score (two 3s). We have now completed our review of your application and portfolio for admission to the Emily Carr Institute. I really want to get to Emily Carr University in 2015, but I'm extremely worried - what if I'm not skilled enough?! Hello! I'm extremely nervous since I applied quite close to the deadline, too. Transformation of still life objects. I think its good to include a number of different subjects in your portfolio, and preferably in full colour. Start a Chapter. Thanks for liking my work! Personal branding is so important in today’s business world. The requirements may have changed by now... What are the requirements of that section? This is just a rough idea of what can get you into the programs with relatively high scores. When I went to OCAD, they did not even look at my other work closely, they just took the sketchbook, flipped through it, and asked me some questions (. Even CS-degreed UX or dataviz professionals are woefully underpaid compared to (what? I blocked in all the rough lines with the pen while he was staring at a movie and finished it afterwards. Good luck! This was a friend standing up for posing, in the cafeteria again. Are you looking at any part of your work in particular? Make sure that your portfolio is aligned with industry and program standards. View the profiles of people named Emily Carr. Hi Katie,I am applying for Ocad, don't know how to write creative profile, could you please send me a sample?ThanksKathy, Hello Kathy!It's been so long I'm not sure what this creative profile is...feel free to email me at with the requirements of the creative statement and I can see if I still have it in my hard drive. Hello Julia! Can you give me any tips for writing an essay and for the paintings and drawings? Hi Katie! Unfortunately, your application to Foundation Year 1 was not successful. I'm from Hong Kong btw. Below are Al’s portfolio tips. I am sure you will find better examples out there since they were very average anyways (rushing is not good!). Hi! Find Your Chapter. Please tell me you can understand this pun, no one seems to ;u; Household objects, before and after. edited 10 years ago. These pictures have to be drawn quickly since poses like this are hard to keep for an extended period of time. Hello! Hi. I will always be available for help and questions! Thank You ! Add a variety! OCAD's drawing and painting is very traditional, colour-theory, and realism based, so it would be best to add in some actual colour works in your portfolio (I only see black and white at the moment, other than the last one). (Your art is so inspiring Katie!!). Description: This architectural model was created as an assignment for Emily Carr CEID223 Architectural Modeling taught by Vancouver artist Tony O'Regan. I read you had designed a car and i was wondering how much of the car did you have to design. These are a few examples of the work I put in my portfolios for OCAD and Emily Carr. Tanoo, another painting inspired by work gathered on this trip, depicts three totems before house fronts at the village of the same name. It is unnecessary to add in backgrounds, so just a few quick scribbles will do to improve the atmosphere. Emily Carr, Klee Wyck. Is it enough if I put observational drawings, watercolor paintings, anatomy sketches and character designs?Thanks:)), These are a few examples of the work I put in my portfolios for OCAD and Emily Carr. I only had two. Where should I go? I actually don't have experience with any of those selected programs nor their portfolio requirements, so I'm not sure if I can give accurate feedback. Also does EC conduct an interview with global applicants? Your portfolio requirements may include examples of your work, responses to prompts using a variety of media/materials, and written responses. This was my dad putting on his shoe in the middle of the night just for posing. The wall was added so she didn't look like she was....floating and off-balance. Lawrence built his art portfolio around the subjects he most wanted to engage with while studying at Emily Carr. I was just wondering if you have any tips on how to prepare a portfolio. It is always a good idea to have one to improve the overall presentation of your work. BC Alliance for Arts + Culture. The score sheet. Graduate Admissions Requirements . i love your work... i actually have an interview tomorrow at OCAD for industrial design. K-12 Lesson Plans. Did you take courses? Go for 5 minutes! Hope that helps! I want to get to Emily Carr this year so I applied for it. Student Groups. Find detailed portfolio requirements on our website. Both rough and polished works are a good idea, but do make them into things you enjoy working on as they really show in the final work. I practiced with pencils, markers, and pastels throughout the course and was honestly surprised at my own progress. Hi Brenda! Anyways, thanks again, this is all so helpful! Always glad to help, but it means a lot to me that you noticed its been a couple years! Also a perfect score. Thank you very much :), Hi, I was wondering how you approached the project section (the second part) of the portfolio application for Emily Carr?Your work is amazing BTW :). Good luck on your portfolio! Hello Becky! So different from each other and alive! Hi Katie!I'm about to prepare my portfolio for Communication Design in Emily Carr but I'm unsure about what to involve in my portfolio. I absolutely love your work ! Careers in Design. I censored some info, hehe. A $10 USD fee will be charged to the applicant at the time of submission. Contracts. Though, try to finish it in one sitting since the daylight and environment outside changes and that can be quite a hassle later. I included drawings, paintings, photography, and I even showcased my editing tactics by submitting video montages of myself snowboarding.” Heres the link: Your portfolio requirements may include examples of your work, responses to prompts using a variety of media/materials, and written responses. Always make sure your model is resting on something if they are not experienced posers, it will make it easier for them to hold a pose. Is that enough?Thanks :), Sounds like you have a lot! Hi there! These are the works from the drawing test. If so, yes I did.I think it is something considered at the same time, sort of a mini interview. Know your audience. Hey Katie,I was wondering if you had some more industrial design examples for OCAD university?Thank YOuNikki. Accepted to Sheridan Animations! The key is to work with a character you truly enjoy drawing to bring out a sense of life. My overall score out of this section was 35/40. If you would like to you can also email me at or link me to your portfolio and I can give you some feedback ^^. These all got perfect scores! When I went to OCAD, they did not even look at my other work closely, they just took the sketchbook, flipped through it, and asked me some questions (. I'm not very sure about the interview process, though. Photograph or scan your work and send in a smaller printed version. I was just wondering, did you actually have to write out the answers to the questions listed on their website or ?!? Certainly a great way to get a good model since cellphones keep them busy but still! Wish me luck.Bye Katie. Hello! So it was totally acceptable to do the "simple" things, since you are going into the program to learn how to do industrial design, it would be really strange any school wants the detailed things right off the bat. Hi! 5 Tips For Creating a Killer Graduate School Portfolio: 1. Carr painted a carved raven, which she later developed as her iconic painting Big Raven. All the programs I applied to (except emily carr) are Architecture programs! Vancouver pay for graphic design is dismal. As soon as you receive this message I will have updated this post with one of the pieces used specifically for OCAD. Character rotation, action sheets, and expression. Sorry, there is no life drawing and personal art! patiently waiting for an offer from OCAD..I didn't get accepted from emily carr ;-; Ah, that's unfortunate! Design Jobs. I usually do some sketching of celebrities. Learn more about the National Portfolio Day Association on their website. I'm trying to apply to Emily Car myself. As a graduate applicant you must apply online using the EducationPlannerBC Application Service. They want to see a good basic application of art fundamentals for first year. Chapter Advisory Council. Oh ok thank you soo much!!! Hi ! These drawings were done quite last minute, two days before the deadline. Hello Katie, I'm really interested in Emily Carr's program but I don't know what to include in my porfolio. On her return to the south, Carr organized an exhibit of … Example Portfolio for OCAD and Emily Carr (Accepted), Portfolio for Sheridan Illustration (Accepted), Accepted to Sheridan Animations! I have received my scores today for Sheridan's Animation Program, overall I think I did pretty well. ^^, Hi Kathy, I was wondering if you ever found out how to write a creative profile for OCAD? Thanks for viewing! When I did the industrial designs of the cars, it was super abstract and very simplified, with markers and watercolour wash. Hi Madeleine! I have time till September to improve. Visit NPD online. Nov 14, 2020 - Explore Irina Milenkaya's board "IB portfolio examples", followed by 106 people on Pinterest. You want a program/job in a city where a graphic designer is highly valued --which often translates to highly paid. Personally I would not recommend doing something so detailed, it is not necessary and it's actually a bit distracting. For OCAD, try to practice fundamental theories as well: draw some real people, objects, and work on abstract while maintaining colour theory. Design Teaching Resource. I'm actually not 100% sure about Emily Carr since I applied out of the province. Why a Project Manager? I drew my friend while she was playing a cellphone game in the cafeteria. Dezember 1871 in Victoria, British Columbia; 2. A story about the NEW-CLEAR pen. Choosing a School. This is one of the works used specifically for OCAD's industrial design. Since nothing really moves, it's alright to spend more time on this one. Hand drawings, before and after. Hmm, I cannot say if you can get into those programs since I do not know what their requirements are. Emily Carr is considered to be a major Canadian artist for her depiction of the landscapes of Pacific Northwest and its aboriginal culture. (portfolio and score sheet). Emily Carr offers one fall (September) semester intake into all of its programs and a smaller spring (January) intake into its second and third year Visual Arts program. For the paintings and drawings, have a wide variety. Being one of the pioneers of Modernist and Post-Impressionist styles of painting in Canada, she was not recognized until late in her life. This is free-handed so it looks quite wonky, but it does the job. Here is my current work (not submitting all of course, I'll do some new, better work). Hi! Sep 17, 2020 - Explore Pam Goss's board "IB PROCESS PORTFOLIO", followed by 147 people on Pinterest. I actually did not go to Emily Carr, I only applied and was accepted, so I do not know about much of the recent happenings. Hello Mikayla! Our dining room! No appointment necessary. It's okay to procrastinate a bit since these are NOT supposed to take very long ;D. A figure seated. Design Educators Community. There are too many things for the personal creations so I will leave that up to your imagination. See more ideas about visual art, sketch book, gcse art sketchbook. This comment has been removed by the author. Sheridan seems doesn't accept any traditional artwork such as oil panting etc, but emily carr doesShould I hand in the same works as I do for Sheridan?I mean without tranditional artwork?Thank you! Emily Carr (* 13. I want to include my digital drawings, pencil sketches, acrylic paintings and photography. Hi, Im trying to apply to OCAD's Sculpture program but was wondering how you submitted images of your portfolio in slideroom. Representatives from Emily Carr University (and others, see below), will be conducting portfolio reviews between 11am-3pm. I think it took me one or two hours...? It's actually very common to take 1-3 years to enter an art school. As always, feel free to email me as I am available to help! Celebrity sketches are good to include as well, but make sure you have a good variety! Find an in-depth biography, exhibitions, original artworks for sale, the latest news, and sold auction prices. Organization: Emily Carr University of Art + Design Deadline: Until filled. No ruler used here, but I recommend using rulers since it is easier to draw straight lines. By Emily Carr October 19, 2007. Your work is really great by the way!