Not seasoning corn with essence doesn’t make it less appealing for the carps at all. Additionally, the specific types of pellets can also make a big difference between actually catching a fish and having no luck. As the last step, one can add pineapple essence to it. Sometimes switching to a smaller 12mm or 10mm bait can also make a difference for the less hungry winter carp. Maybe you’re using some vacation time from work, and you’re ready to grab your rod and reel and hit the waters. There are many Carp tips I could tell you about here when fishing in the warmer months for South African Carp but without a doubt the most important part of Summer … Carp tend to be mid-water or near the surface in during these times which allows the zig rig to do precisely what it’s designed to do. The carp are hungry, and you’re ready to fish. This makes just going after them with many forms of bait a little bit easier. We are a participant in the Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. The best carp bait for summer depends on the weather and temperature. It’s hot, and the sun is pounding the water surface which is likely to have the carp near the surface. Who wants to miss angling carps on their favorite summer vacation, right! A mesh PVA bag of maggots, in conjunction with a bunch of grubs on a hair-rigged – perhaps using a maggot clip – is one of the most reliable of winter carp tactics. Contact Me | About Bob Hoffmann | Affiliate Disclosure | Privacy Policy. A moving being always interests the fishes. These are small and have a crunch to it. Any boilie will suffice. Spring has to be one of the most rewarding times of year and almost the most enjoyable. Be out and about actively looking for carp activity. Carp, Freshwater Fishing. If you fish with multiple rods on each trip, you can try and have 2 different depths to increase your odds or diversify your efforts some. Maggots are easily digested, colourful and loved by carp. Recently, combined vanilla flavors have been produced. So boil them for making a legit carp bait. The more you scout, the more you catch. Let’s dive into some of the fundamentals and explain the way carp operate or “get down” so to speak. Tip #2: Don’t Ignore the Weeds and Margins. Whether it’s a myth that carp have taste buds or not, but the fact remains carps are easy to lure with the most common of baits. And what better than bread as bait can be to provide them with the much-needed carbohydrate. However, be it homemade or shop-bought, you cannot use boiling without cooking. Zig rigs allow you to fish on the surface and also at varying depths of water with a floating hook bait. Though hard to find and pretty disgusting to use, these are carp fishes’ top favorite. Because corn is very easily available, and the making process of it is equally easy too. With the waters getting weedier and weedier, summer fishing tackle needs to be up the job of coping with heavy weed. Before we get onto the business of talking about each bait … You just need to find them! Vanilla is one of the main aromas for carp fishing. Try bright colors and strong scents to get the juices flowing. Spicy, salty, sour, sweet, plain, smelly, alive, or artificial, when there is food in your fishing hook, carps will take the bait, and that’s a given. Winter fishing is certainly harder which is why it’s essential to get your rigs perfect. When the live worms move on the hooks, those attract the carps to the maximum, and the next moment, you get your menu for dinner. Looking for a carp fishing bait that can attract grass carp and cruician along with carp … But you have to prepare hemp seeds before you use it as bait. Isn’t that similar to human nature? Pellets are small and round. Why will carps be any different, they are after all part of the Chordata Phylum. I use it in all seasons for carp fishing including summer. The specialty of pop-ups is that they float in the water, and cork grain is the main reason they float. When Summer comes around in South Africa it normally means that the Carp are going to be more active and more easier to tempt into taking a well presented bait. After they are hard-boiled, let them dry in the air for 24 hours. Otherwise, both are the same type of bait. This allows you to keep your bait in front of the carp all year round. I would argue Boilies and corn still take home the crown in the summertime as the best carp bait, but most of you want more of an explanation than that. It’s going to give that extra opportunity just to have 2 depths running at the same time. Practice learning the depths where you find luck. In the warm season, fruit flavors will do. Feel free to leave a comment below.