Resurfacing your tile floors with a micro cement or cement resurfacing compound like the Semco Remodel without Removal system is a great way to update your old tiles without removing them. Thanks so much for the tips, and the list of tools to make it more straightforward. I wish I could find some help that is half as efficient and smart. We’re being as gentle as we can to try and salvage these baseboards. Before selecting which method you'll use to remove the tile adhesive, assess what type of flooring is beneath the tiles. The simplest way to link floor tile and hardwood of different heights is with a transition strip. Tile. Stripping hardwood flooring the wrong way can cost you hours of backbreaking work, leave you with an enormous mess and even cause permanent damage to … While the tile may come up in large pieces, the concrete board is going to require significant time to remove and rarely comes up in chunks. maul. Hey Jen, Paint the whole floor with sealing primer using your floor roller, starting in the corner of the floor … You’ll want to be more strategic about your cuts if you’re trying to salvage your flooring. Learn the easy secret to removing peel and stick tile in this quick tutorial! Understand that very few installations are installed directly on wood, as this is not a guaranteed type of installation. Putty colored clay-like material. Pry upwards. Pry up the concrete board with the power tool. After all the tiles are removed, you may need to smooth the subfloor with a sander. Use a thin-set product to install ceramic tile over existing tiles. Thank you for supporting the brands that support this website! What’s that thing they say about hindsight being 20/20? Thank you for saving us time. Over time, however, accidents can happen, such as single pieces breaking after a cast iron skillet is dropped or an earthquake happens. It’ll make your demo day go quicker and easier. Want to see all of the flooring choices we’re considering? Continue moving down along the wall, using the Trim Puller every 8-10 inches. You need to know the wood thickness before you can start sawing into the floor to prevent your circular saw from damaging the subflooring underneath. We want to replace all of this mismatched flooring with one cohesive wide plank French oak hardwood, but before we install the new floors, we’ve got to demo the existing floors. Check out this post and see how easy it was to install! Tools 101, This is what happens when serial renters suddenly become homeowners. Work your way across the floor piece by piece to expose the concrete board underneath. The House of Wood is Jen’s creative outlet for all things DIY and design, a place where she documents her adventures in designing and building furniture and tackling home renovation projects. You’re welcome. In this hardwood floor installation video we show you how to Install Hardwood Flooring Over Tile Floor Double Glue Down Method with underlayment. When we bought this house, there were three different types of flooring on the main level: dated, honey oak hardwood, builder-beige carpet, and dark laminate that was installed over ceramic tile (so I guess that’s technically four types of floors). Hardwood flooring makes a welcome addition to any home, but it can be daunting to deal with once it’s time to remove or replace it. Position the Trim Puller where you scored the line, then use a hammer to gently tap the tool down behind the baseboard. to pry the baseboards from the walls. #understatement. The tile will begin to break up. For a successful glue down application over older tile the single largest issue associated with failures are older loosened tiled floors. I find that people who use rubber backed carpets on wood floors have these very same issues. Ready to see how the new hardwood floors look? But the video you’ve shared shows that you’ve done the task quite easily. DeWalt 4 lb. XL Brands TriSeal Adhesive Residue Encapsulator – Triseal is a light-colored, high-strength acrylic polymer compound formulated to isolate *cutback and other types of old adhesive residues that would affect the bond of the new floor adhesive over concrete substrates. It is set into a bed of thin-set that hardens like concrete, and the tile itself shatters like glass during removal. Then, multiply the length and width together to get the square footage of the space. Remove the top layer of flooring material with a scraper or oscillating tool. Locate or Create a Starting Point. Remove the grout around single tiles with the oscillating tool. thank you very much for those tips! Hardwood removing, no doubt, on of the hardest task for me as I’m an avid woodworker who works to build new homes or remodeling existing ones. that changed a tedious job into something more relaxed How to Remove Peel and Stick Floor Tile. After the tile has been sanded, clean and remove all particles and dust before applying a floor leveler product to fill in grout lines and level the surface completely for the new tile application. Work slowly to avoid damaging the wood floor. Clean the wood subfloor with the floor scraper and remove all traces of the previous thinset mortar installation. It’ll be easier than making all of those cuts again! Required fields are marked *. Wide seams between the tiles can create slight depressions in the vinyl flooring. Instead, it will pulverize due to the chiseling movement. Affiliate links are used; to read my full disclosure policy, please click here. If you’re removing tile flooring from your bathroom, take out the toilet and any pedestal sinks and disconnect all the water pipes or drains that go through the floor. I will wait for your next post. A number of different types of substrate are used for tile, including plywood. Now through the holidays! However you mentioned that some of the tiles along the border of the rooms are broken or missing. Guest Bathroom Renovation (Part 6) – Electrical Rough-In. Work the chisel under the tiles, forcing them loose. Your email address will not be published. Use a 3/4- or 1-in. Work from the center out to the edges of the piece for best results and to avoid damaging surrounding pieces. We also pounded the nails back against the back of the boards, so no one accidentally got stabbed by a stray nail. Check out this post and see how easy it was to install! Add 5-10 percent additional tile to that value to make sure you will have enough material to make cuts as needed. We tried a bunch of different tools (a flathead screwdriver, painter’s tool, utility knife, etc.) *This post is brought to you in partnership with Dremel. After years of renting and not being able to make any permanent changes to our homes, our trigger finger is a little on the sensitive side. What’s that they say about having the right tool for the job? Pry up the flooring, board by board and continue this until all of the flooring is taken up. Demo is so fun. Floor prep for tiling over old tiles involves grinding off high spots on the existing floor, removing loose tiles and filling voids with thinset or floor-leveling compound. Save yourself some valuable time and effort, and go ahead and get the Trim Puller. Scrape the thinset mortar off the surface of the concrete board underneath with the floor scraper. Tap the chisel with the hammer to work it between and underneath broken segments to pry them up section by section, and use the other broken segments as leverage. Check out this post! A local flooring company can give you a price quote on installing solid-wood floors (and removing the tile if you wish). Yeah. Everyone loves peel and stick tile… until you have to remove it. In some cases, however, if you can get the pry bar underneath both the tiles and the concrete board, you might get lucky and be able to pry up both layers at once, provided the previous installation wasn't done properly in the first place.