2. Audley also provided some live-action recording for both of these characters, to inspire the animators. When Pete somehow summons a door to the past, however, she decides to give him another chance and has him interfere with the Cornerstone of Light so that she can take over Disney Castle. Maleficent flees to the Chapel's tower with the protagonists in pursuit. To keep her safe, she was renamed "Briar Rose" and relocated to the forest of her world with the t… Maleficent is based on the evil fairy godmother character in Charles Perrault's fairy tale Sleeping Beauty,[3] as well as the villainess who appears in the Brothers Grimm's retelling of the story, Little Briar Rose. It is based on the 1959 Disney film, Sleeping Beauty. After asserting that she still regards Maleficent as her mother, Aurora is knocked off a tower by the queen, but Maleficent is able to save Aurora, ending the conflict when she breaks the curse on the King and turns the Queen into a goat. In addition, unlike the raven in Snow White, he is completely and genuinely loyal to Maleficent and, unlike the rest of her servants, he is competent and easily succeeds in his task to find Aurora. Sleeping beauty. She carries a staff with a glowing green orb at the tip, through which she casts her spells. They then leave that world, unaware that Xigbar is observing them from far. Maleficent later wakes up and, by seeing that Diablo has been turned to stone, discovers that the fairies have freed Philip from her dungeon. In the book series by Ridley Pearson, Kingdom Keepers, Maleficent appears as one of the first Overtakers encountered as she intends to leave the confines of Disney World to take over the world. Sometime later, Maleficent attempt to travel back into the past of her world in order to undo her mistakes and failures. Maleficent decides that the best way to search for the box was to follow after others seeking it; she and Pete begin following the new Organization around the worlds, since they are also looking for the box. To honor her deal with Riku, who she claims to see as the son she never had, she sends him to sail with Captain Hook to find Kairi. Terra enters the castle and finds Aurora asleep in her room, where Maleficent appears to him again and tells him of the seven hearts of pure light that grant the power to rule all worlds and mentions the Keyblade. After successfully freeing her heart, they find Maleficent in her throne room, furious. She then gives him the power to control the Heartless. Maleficent is a scheming, manipulative, and cunning sorceress who seems utterly determined to take over the dominion of Kingdom Hearts. Maleficent confirms that Aurora will grow in grace and beauty, "beloved by all who know her", but as revenge for not being invited, she places a curse on Aurora so that before the sun sets on her sixteenth birthday, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die. Maleficent is the protagonist in Serena Valentino's Disney Villains book franchise.[10]. She also did not lie when she told Aqua that Terra was being affected by the darkness. She is mostly seen in a cool, calculated manner, easily manipulating Riku into helping her aims, claiming she views him like a long lost son, while she pretends to care about helping him find Kairi. Prior to sporting her iconic black attire, Maleficent had a pair of feathery fairy wings, wore a brown dress, and was always barefoot with an anklet on her left ankle. She wears a long-sleeved, strapless dress with a white collar. Rédigée par Tomoko Kanemaki et illustrée par Shiro Amano, il s'agit de la cinquième série des romans Kingdom Hearts; elle compte trois volumes, sortis uniquement au Japon. During the Heartless invasion of Hollow Bastion, Maleficent tries to fight the Nobody forces with her own Heartless, but they are easily outmatched, and she sets them on Sora, Donald, and Goofy instead. However, after she is rescued by Data-Riku, she stops her attempts to eliminate him (at least for the time being), telling Sora that they are "now even". Ansem tells her that the Heartless will overrun Hollow Bastion if the keyhole is unlocked, but Malefient only cares about using the ensuing darkness to conquer the remaining worlds. In the animated film, where she was cast as Eleanor Audley, Maleficent arrives at King Stefan and Queen Leah's castle during the christening of their newborn daughter, the Princess Aurora. This was featured in her original design from Sleeping Beauty, but it was absent in Kingdom Hearts. When Pete vents that they've been on a wild goose chase, Maleficent silences her minion; she explains that the box does not exist in their period of time. She amplifies Riku's dark powers, allowing him to enter Dark Mode. In the end, Maleficent is stabbed in the heart by the Sword of Truth, with Prince Phillip going on to awaken and marry Aurora. Unknown to Sora, when Riku stabbed her, he unlocked the darkness in her heart, unlocking her ability to time travel. She reminds him of the importance of the Princesses and warns him against being careless with the darkness. Although Maleficent has the villainous bag of bugs kidnap Santa so that he can destroy Christmas Town while she turns Santa into a Heartless, Oogie's faulty memory and uncooperative attitude drive Maleficent to leave him to his own devices. In the Land of Departure, three Keyblade wielders and close friends—Terra, Aqua, and Ventus (more commonly known as Ven)—train to become Keyblade Masters under Master Eraqus. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep & 358/2 Days Original Soundtrack, Kingdom Hearts Original Soundtrack Complete, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance Original Soundtrack, https://www.khwiki.com/index.php?title=Maleficent&oldid=812746, Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories characters, Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance characters, Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory characters. The original design for Aurora has developed by Tom Oreb, who based figure of Aurora on Audrey Hepburn's thin frame and graceful demeanor. She is an evil fairy who made her first appearance in Disney's Sleeping Beauty. When Sora enters the memory-based Hollow Bastion, he finds that Maleficent has kidnapped Belle and is trying to trap the Beast in an effort to steal Belle's heart. So long as there is light, there will be darkness! Although she is the most powerful of the Disney Villains, Maleficent prefers using sorcery or employing minions to fighting directly. When they catch up with the evil fairy, she tells them that her magic requires hearts of utmost beauty, and that the love in Belle and the Beast's hearts makes them ideal. Later, when Saïx reveals the Organization's goal to be obtaining Kingdom Hearts, she appears and stakes her own claim on Kingdom Hearts. For the film, see, Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "How Well Do You Know... Sleeping Beauty?". Kristin Chenoweth signed on to play Maleficent in Disney's original Disney Channel movie Descendants, which follows the teenage children of Disney's iconic heroes and villains.[11]. Following this, Maleficent focused her efforts into searching for the Princesses of Heart. In the Keyblade Graveyard, Maleficent and Pete observe from afar when Luxu summons four of the five foretellers (Ira, Aced, Invi and Gula) to his presence while carrying the Black Box with him before walking off. As a new Keyblade War looms, Maleficent has taken it as a sign. Although she is aware that she is only a figment of Riku's memory, she taunts him, reminding him of how he used to embrace darkness and telling him that the only people he will find from his memory are the ones with the same darkness. Playing next. From Pete, Maleficent learned about another Keyblade Master who would be opposing her: King Mickey. Maleficent lead an attack on the city to claim the castle of Ansem the Wise for herself. Suivre. Maleficent's gleeful account of Terra's misdeeds has left Ven troubled. Hades then thinks they might be searching for the box Zeus hid in the ground and reveal its location to them. Malficent again shows caution by using an astral projection to check on the progress of her takeover of Disney Castle, as the Cornerstone of Light is dangerous to her. A version of Maleficent plays a role in the storylines for the 2011 American fantasy drama TV series Once Upon a Time, played by Kristin Bauer van Straten as a witch. She offers to tell Terra about Xehanort if he steals Aurora's heart for her, but he refuses. "[7] Sound effects man Jim Macdonald searched for the sound of a dragon's fiery breath by asking the U.S. Army to send him some training films on flame throwing. Margarettong39. À suivre. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep PSP® Special Features. The Ansem-possessed Riku arrives, and he impales her with his Keyblade, unlocking the darkness in her heart. Maleficent and Pete later find Pandora's Box in the ground of Thebes, but Maleficent orders to Pete to throw it away since it is not the box they are searching for. Thus she began going world to world, inquiring if such a box existed. Option offered here is for a chart only but a kit is available here The character was animated by Marc Davis. From the Kingdom Hearts Wiki: A world of information not accessible by Gummiship. Together, the three good fairies raised the princess in the woods, out of the reach of Maleficent and her goons. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep est un jeu vidéo de type action-RPG développé sur PlayStation Portable par les sociétés Square Enix et Disney Interactive Studios. In Twilight Town, Pete argues with her that the hunt for the Black Box has been fruitless, to which she agrees. She climbs to the top of one of her castle's towers and proceeds to blast Philip with lightning, and after the good fairies foil these attempts, she summons a forest of thorns, through which Philip slices his way out. Maleficent learns that they have focused on searching for a baby the entire time, even though years have passed. Overwhelmed by the dark power, Maleficent transforms into a dragon and attacks Sora again, only to be defeated. To achieve this rank, 'Keyblade Apprentices' must take the Mark of Mastery exam once they come of age. And in time, many more will be drawn to it. Aurora pricks her finger, and then Maleficent departs for the old woodcutter's cottage, aiming to capture the princess's betrothed, Prince Phillip, who intends to meet the peasant girl that was Aurora there. Browse more videos. However, Phillip manages to briefly knock her out with Player's help. Maleficent is based on the evil fairy godmother character in Charles Perrault 's fairy tale Sleeping Beauty, as well as the villainess who appears in the Brothers Grimm 's retelling of the story, Little Briar Rose. In Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Maleficent wears a golden ring with a circular black stone in it. However, Terra flatly declines, just as the castle begins shaking due to a giant Unversed. When Mickey refuses to yield, she attempts to attack him with her magic. Oh my, this is one hell of an epic boss fight, especially for how early it is. Aqua as Princess Aurora Terra as Prince Phillip Evil Queen as Maleficent Ariel as Flora Melody as Fauna Wendy Darling as Merryweather Maleficent was animated by Marc Davis. Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX. 1. Enraged, she blows away and confronts him in front of King Stefan's castle, and transforms into a huge dark dragon. While using her abilities, Terra can use powerful dark magic attacks. "[7], She was voiced by Eleanor Audley, who had previously performed Lady Tremaine, Cinderella's evil stepmother, in Cinderella. Belle sacrifices herself to save the Beast, and Maleficent disappears with her heart. Afterward, a group of mysterious creatures called the Unvers… Maleficent is a playable character in the Disney Infinity video games series, voiced by Rajia Baroudi and sporting her modified appearance from the live-action Angelina Jolie film. "Don't forget. She charges "Riku" with guarding the princesses. She manages to gather most of the pages of Ansem's Report, which she and her allies would use to better understand the nature of the Heartless. Maleficent was animated by Marc Davis. She warns that he cannot suppress his darkness by force before she leaves. That love proves essential for a repentant Maleficent to undo her own curse when she kisses Aurora on the forehead. The two then travel the Dandelions' base in Daybreak Town, where the dark figure reveals the location of the key that will bring Maleficent back to her true world is. She is forced to retreat, but she opens a corridor of darkness underneath the protagonists, dropping them into the Realm of Darkness. Sleeping Beauty Video Game Movie Cutscenes.\r \r Join Terra, Ven and Aqua on their journey to awake Sleeping Beauty.\r \r Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is an ion role playing video game developed and published by Square Enix for most PlayStatyion devices.\r She locks him in the dungeon of her castle, revealing she will let him out in a century, so he may wake Aurora, but never have a life with her. An unknown figure appears before her, revealing that this is a trap created by the Master of Masters to prevent anyone from changing what was written in the book. While Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are overseeing Sora and Riku's Mark of Mastery exam with Yen Sid, Maleficent and Pete invade Disney Castle and take Minnie hostage. Maleficent later appears in Halloween Town, where she recruits Lock, Shock, and Barrel for her plan to destroy Christmas Town. She is mostly seen in a cool, calculated manner, easily manipulating Riku into helping her aims, whilst she pretends to care for helping him find Kairi. "[17] When analyzing Maleficent's disability after she loses her wings due to Stephan's betrayal, Colleen Elaine Donnelly compares her role to that of Elphaba in Wicked, explaining that in both cases, the story "intends to reform the stereotype of the evil witch by providing a backstory. —Maleficent to Aqua At an unknown point in time, Maleficent met Master Xehanort, who revealed to her the existence of other worlds and the seven Princesses of Heart, … They continue to monitor the protagonists' progress even as they continue to pursue their own ambitions. Maleficent and Pete survive the destruction of the Castle That Never Was, and Maleficent returns to plotting her conquest of the worlds. Kingdom Hearts Sleeping Beauty Stain Glass. She is played by Angelina Jolie. She returns to Hollow Bastion and has Riku capture Jasmine and take her there as well. Il appartient à la série Kingdom Hearts. Even though Sora and company successfully stop Pete and save the Cornerstone, Maleficent has Pete return to searching for new allies and powerful Heartless to place under their control. When Sora, Donald, and Goofy arrive with Queen Minnie, Maleficent projects her image before them and taunts them. She is an evil witch who takes offense at not being invited to the christening of Princess Aurora and she tries to get revenge on King Stefan and the Queen by cursing Aurora. Oct 18, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by C H E R R Y. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Trailer. She captures Aurora and causes her own world to fall into darkness, eventually leading Maleficent to Radiant Garden. Discover (and save!) Maleficent and Pete infiltrate the Castle That Never Was while the Organization is dealing with Sora and the others, and Maleficent decides to take the castle for herself, despite Pete's misgivings. "[14] Guillermo del Toro has stated that along with Vermithrax in Dragonslayer, Maleficent is his favorite cinematic, Disney dragon. However, Sora and his allies manage to thwart her plans by defeating her cohorts and eventually the witch herself. The fairies succeed in keeping the girl's location and identity a secret, and an enraged Maleficent sends her loyal raven Diablo to search for the girl, after her minions fail her. She is an evil fairy and the self-proclaimed "Mistress of All Evil" who, after not being invited to a christening, curses the infant Princess Aurora to "prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die" before the sun sets on Aurora's sixteenth birthday.[2]. She also imprisoned Prince Phillip in her dungeon to prevent him from breaking the curse. The Heartless's attack casts them into a rift in the data, but they are rescued by Data-Riku, who escorts them from the datascape. Maleficent was featured in the book sequel to Sleeping Beauty called Maleficent's Revenge. In exchange for assisting him as he searches for Kairi, Riku agrees to help the evil fairy gather the Princesses of Heart. Despite not being invited to the celebration of Princess Aurora's birth, she attended anyway and gave the infant princess a special "gift": on her sixteenth birthday, Aurora would prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die. Aqua definitely gets the best boss fight of this world. However, the group defeats her in her dragon form, freeing Belle's heart. Maleficent awakens, disarming Player, forcing the fairies to bless Phillip's blade; he tosses into Maleficent's heart, causing her to evaporate into darkness. With peace restored, Maleficent walks Aurora down the aisle for her wedding to Philip, and later assures Aurora that she will return when their first child is born. Through the gates of the castle, a Bridge(橋, Hashi?) The sorceress departs, but not before telling the Keyblade Master that she will not be defeated by something as insignificant as love and as long as there is light, there will be darkness. Other fairies of her species appeared, led by Connal (Chiwetel Ejiofor). After spying on Sora, Jack, and the others at Santa Claus's house, she decides to resurrect Oogie Boogie in order to exact her revenge upon Sora, and she grants the three pranksters use of the Prison Keeper while Oogie recovers. Regardless, Maleficent can show caution and restraint. In the meantime, Maleficent dispatches Pete to assemble an army of powerful Heartless for her. She is disgusted by Pete's chain of failures, however, and she breaks ties with him. The original version of Maleficent has been called as "one of the most sinister Disney Villains". Elated, Maleficent works to ensure her curse comes to pass. After Master Xehanort's revival in The World That Never Was, the elderly Keyblade Master reveals that he had manipulated Maleficent to gather the seven hearts of pure light as part of his plan to recreate the χ-blade. Sleeping Beauty (1959) Enchanted Dominion is a World that is featured in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts χ, and Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage-. Maleficent assures him that she is not going to interfere with his plans and asks Hades if there is a distinctive Black Box on Mount Olympus and where she could find it. Maleficent offers Terra the chance to join her and collect the remaining six hearts of pure light. However, as her presence would cause problems, the figure prepares to send her back to her original time. The second picture is a snapshot of the charts picture after generation. As her allies implement their own schemes in their respective worlds, Maleficent occasionally comes to advise or observe them, as well as make sure they continue to search for the Keyholes and the Princesses. By the time of Kingdom Hearts coded, she appears to have reverted to her evil nature and is once again attempting to destroy Sora, albeit a digital version of him. At some point, Maleficent hires the Gullwings as spies to keep tabs on the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee's activities.