Strategy Einstein’s theory of special relativity describes what happens as things near the speed of light. This theory is discussed in great detail in Relativity in the third volume of this text, so we say only a few words here. The calculator calculates the Ring Angular Radius for given values of Constant of Gravitation, Lens Mass, Speed of Light, Distance from Observer to Source and Distance from Observer to Lens.The deformity of the light from the star is called as the Einstein ring. The distribution of Einstein radii near the upper cutoff should probe the largest mass concentrations in the universe. The largest Einstein radius 3 derived by Warren et al. The actual radius of the Earth is about 6370km. This circle defines the tangential critical curve or Einstein (ring) radius of the lens. Assuming that they are both spherically symmetric bodies, we can calculate the Schwarzschild radius of the Earth and the Sun. If you’re given the diameter (the distance all the way across the circle), divide it by two to find the radius. ' window.jQuery || document.write('