Die Wolle des Alpakas ist qualitativ hochwertiger als Schafschurwolle und daher sehr begehrt. It reduces sweating at night as you enjoy your night’s sleep. Desert Breeze Distributing Alpaca and Sheep Wool Blanket, Soft and Thick, 72 x 88 inches Full/Queen… Our duvets are available in crib, twin, double, queen and king sizes and fit easily into standard duvet covers. UK08295234. Environmentally-friendly and won't end up clogging landfill sites when it's time to change your duvet. Learn more Learn more Learn more. Luxury Bedding. How does it do all this? 160 x 210 cm, 2 kg Wolle. Alpaca duvets, why not consider for your comfort and a great nights sleep! Luna Textiles are Britain's premier alpaca and wool duvet makers, using the finest quality natural fibres with luxury cotton cover. Alpaca wool is a light, soft, warm and resilient fiber used to make a plethora of goods. Des Weiteren enthält Alpakahaar nur einen sehr geringen Anteil an … Also available in bedding sets that include alpaca pillows - save with multi-buys. Furthermore, always cover your duvet with a duvet cover. Wool is shorn from live Alpacas in the traditional way, cotton casing is made from thread under the Better Cotton Initiative*, packaging is reusable. Helps combat 'night sweats'. The reason it is temperature reactive is because alpaca fleece is naturally moisture repellent and highly breathable - it traps warm air, and stays dry by letting moisture escape. GB905668210. It is water resistant with only 8% moisture retention vs 30% moisture retention for sheep. No animals are harmed in the making of any of our alpaca wool products. Our bedding is handmade in Nottinghamshire and made entirely from natural materials. Alpaca Duvets, The Best Duvets Available For A Great Night's Sleep. Alpaca wool is also naturally clean and dry. The high-quality, white, natural cotton cover has a high thread count and the fleece inside will not escape out through it. Alpaca fibres are hollow, increasing thermal capability but not making you too hot. Alpacas are not killed for their fur or meat and they are not at all harmed come shearing time. Alpaca fibre is naturally anti-allergenic. The alpaca duvet is lightweight, luxurious and warm.” Tom “We love the duvet. It keeps us very warm during the cold New Hampshire winter.” Pat Spencer “What can I say — except we LOVE the queen pillows and winter king duvet we ordered! The zig-zag stitching across the duvet ensures that the fleece inside does not shift around. Our alpaca duvets are the perfect choice for sufferers of allergies, such as asthma. Because of it’s moisture wicking and thermal regulation properties, it is the perfect fibre for use in duvets. Most people that are allergic to wool find they can easily wear soft alpaca yarn. The properties of alpaca fleece are such that it is temperature reactive - so it will keep you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer (just like it does for the animals!). It is cleaned in British mills, without the use of chemicals or bleach and then needled into fine layers to trap air, creating 'loft'. Learn more Learn more Learn more. The shell fabrics of the wool duvets we carry are all light and drapable, and include soft natural cotton and 100% organic cotton. In essence, the product is suitable all year round and maximizes your sleeping comfort. Keeps you cool in Summer but also warm in Winter, helping you get a great night's sleep. We do not use tog ratings for alpaca duvets as it is not a relevant measure for them. Unsere Alpaka Farm hat auch einen sozialen Zweck. Every year, down on our Alpaca Farm, our alpacas are sheared and their wonderful fleece is processed into a range of products. Each of our Alpaca Duvets comes complete in its own cotton zipped bag - which makes a great storage sack for all sorts! Jeder Handgriff ist ein Genuss für die Sinne und macht Spass, da die Alpakarohwolle sehr fein und flauschig ist. Alpaca duvets are very different to sheep wool duvets – sheep’s wool is not naturally temperature reactive, or hypoallergenic, and so you need one or two duvets of varying thickness to do temperature control for you. The alpaca fiber has insulating capabilities that make it the perfect material for a large number of things: from housing insulation to dryer balls, and from baby wear to exclusive fashion. Smooth fibres allow us to create a beautifully soft fleece that is 25% warmer than Sheep’s wool (our 400gsm Alpaca duvet is the equivalent of our 500gsm Wool Duvet). Alpaca duvets work well where partners have different temperature requirements – keeping you both at your optimum temperature. The cool, dry environment created with the use of such a fibre makes it difficult for dust mites to live and breed. We Use Only British Alpaca And Work with Penrose. Als erfahrene Züchter und Produzenten von Alpaka Produkten sowie Fellprodukten und Kleider, sind wir sehr beindruckt von der Qualität und dem Erfinderreichtum der reinen Alpakafaser- Duvets und Kissen der Marke Best Alpaca Bedding ™. If you have any trouble sleeping, all you need it to be covered in Alpaca!! Alpaka-Wolle wird als "Vlies der Götter" bezeichnet und ist eines der wohl hochwertigsten Naturprodukte. It is soft, durable, and luxurious natural fiber resistant to saturation that makes it water and odor resistant. Each luxury duvet is handmade from the finest cotton covers to the best British alpaca fleece wool. Die eingeschlossene Luft verleiht dem Haar seine erstaunliche Fähigkeit Wärme auszugleichen und Feuchtigkeit zu transportieren. YARDA YARN Wollmanufaktur - Die Manufaktur in den Schweizer Bergen. There are many other reasons too so please read on. As we are only able to obtain a relatively small supply of this high grade alpaca wool each year, we are offering our 100% British Alpaca wool duvets as a Limited Edition product. Our 100% Alpaca All-Year Duvets offer the ultimate in comfort for a great night’s sleep – whatever the weather, the same alpaca duvet will keep you warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. Baavet are highly experienced Wool Duvet Manufacturers specialising in Natural Wool Duvets and Wool Filled Duvets Our duvets are professionally made by a British manufacturer - there is nothing but alpaca fibre in our duvets - we do, 100% Alpaca fibre filling for superior temperature control, Offers both support and comfort, whilst being lightweight but snuggly, Alpaca fibre is naturally anti-allergenic - perfect for sufferers of allergies, Produced sustainably and supporting the British rural economy, Natural white cotton cover with unique stitching allowing greater airflow, Dry Cleanable (and air them on the clothes line on a sunny day), Alpaca All-Year Duvet & Two Kingsize Pillows. Copyright © The Alpaca Shop Ltd. Company No. We do not use tog ratings for alpaca duvets as it is not a relevant measure for them. Wir unterstützen Menschen in schwierigen Lebenslagen. Standard sizes are: Cot:                     120cm x 90cm - 47" x 35", Single:                136cm x 200cm - 53" x 78", Double:               200cm x 200cm - 78" x 78", Kingsize:             225cm x 220cm - 88" x 86", Super Kingsize:  260cm x 220cm - 102" x 88", Emperor:             290cm x 230cm - 114" x 95". We make our duvets at a medium weight - you do not need a heavy duvet for Winter use and equally it is light enough for the Spring/Summer. Helps to relieve symptoms of allergies and asthma. It's hollow core follicle provides the duvet a natural thermal nature which helps regulates your body temperature. We recently traded our alpaca fiber for duvets, pillows and mattress pads and are excited to have these added to our shop :) Sizes in inches Travel 16 x 20 Standard 20 x For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. *The Better Cotton Initiative promotes better environmental and socio-economic farming practices. Every year, down on our Alpaca Farm, our alpacas are sheared and their wonderful fleece is processed into a range of products. British Alpaca Wool Duvets Our Luxury British Alpaca Wool Duvets are the finest Alpaca Wool and are unsurpassed in quality or manufacture. Follow these care instructions for years of life from your Alpaca Bedding Co. products. The cool and dry environment created with the use of alpaca fibre makes it difficult for dust mites to live and breed. Our duvets are professionally made by a British manufacturer - there is nothing but alpaca fibre in our duvets - we do not mix in other fibres such as sheep's wool or synthetics. Penrose alpaca wool duvets and pillows help you get a better night's sleep. We have found that no one can resist its comfort. Regular price $219.95 Sale. ALPACA DUVET SINGLE LIGHTWEIGHT (200GSM) 3 - 6 TOG, ALPACA DUVET DOUBLE LIGHTWEIGHT (200 GSM) 3 - 6 TOG, ALPACA DUVET KING LIGHTWEIGHT (200 GSM) 3 - 6 TOG, ALPACA DUVET SUPER KING LIGHTWEIGHT (200 GSM) 3 - 6 TOG, ALPACA DUVET SINGLE MEDIUM WEIGHT (400GSM) 7 - 10 TOG, ALPACA DUVET DOUBLE MEDIUM WEIGHT(400 GSM) 7 - 10 TOG, ALPACA DUVET KING MEDIUM WEIGHT (400 GSM) 7 - 10 TOG, ALPACA DUVET SUPER KING MEDIUM WEIGHT (400 GSM) 7 - 10 TOG. The duvets made of 100% cotton fabric cover filled with pure alpaca fibre. They are soft, luxurious and with a pillow to accompany you will not want to get up each morning! Alpaka Duvet zum Hammerpreis Duvet gefüllt mit feinster Alpakawolle von unseren eigenen Tieren. Our duvets are the perfect choice for sufferers of allergies, such as asthma. It’s a very common thing that we hear about from our customers. Duvets and Mattress Pads need only be washed after years of service. A new edition to the AABC range, an affordable lightweight quilt filled with a blend of wool & alpaca quit for for a luxurious sleeping experience. Alpaca filled duvets and pillows are hand sewn by Crescent Moon - filled with hypoallergenic all natural alpaca and sheeps wool! Kostenlose Lieferung für viele Artikel! Alpaca fibre is naturally anti-allergenic/ hypoallergenic. It is pure Alpaca wool duvet comforter, and only the outer cover is made of organic cotton. Gönnen Sie sich einen erholsamen und entspannten Schlaf unter einem Duvet, dessen Füllung aufgrund ihrer beeindruckenden Eigenschaften als «Vlies der Götter» bezeichnet wird. Alpaca wool is light and hollow (unlike sheep wool which is solid) and is very effective at regulating body temperature in changing climates and terrains – helping to keep alpacas warm when it’s cold and cool in higher temperatures. Alpaca wool is also naturally anti-allergenic so allergy sufferers will not suffer using alpaca wool products.