Yu-Gi-Oh! That particular strategy represented exactly half of the Top 32 – a feat that can't go unnoticed by anyone playing competitively this format. Extra 13. 2 How to do it... 3 Countering Issues 4 Match Ups A Burn Deck is a deck that seeks to reduce an opponent's life total from 20 to 0 as fast as possible, usually in the form of instants and sorceries and a few creatures (Goblin Guide is most common creature in burn), and with very little interaction. Trading Card Game2. And finally, there’s one pure build – no additional archetype cards to potentially muck up your hand, and more space to play hand traps like Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring. Anonymous Deck Builder . Duelist: Anonymous Deck Builder . 1 Appearance 1.1 Design 1.2 Etymology 2 Members 2.1 Main Deck 2.2 Extra Deck 3 Support 4 Playing style 5 Weaknesses 6 Official Decklists 7 References The "Trickstar" monsters are based on Japanese … … Borreload is … You require them to have added a card first (or a … No cards in side deck! When both cards are in the grave, … Still by far the most represented deck. Get your very own Trickstar Playmat Today! Trickstar is a good deck because of its consistency and resilience. Structure Deck: Cyberse Link is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! I'm not a fan of Saryuja in pure because you have to burn a Lilybell almost every time. Last Updated: 01/18/2020. "Trickstar" is an archetype of female LIGHT Fairy monsters used by Skye Zaizen (Blue Angel/Blue Gal) in Yu-Gi-Oh! You cannot do this. While that can be okay if you have Reincarnation set up, I don't generally think it's worth the extra card. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. 30 592 … Altergeist – … ** 14 comments. Add new page. Unknown User. So much variety can be overwhelming for new players and while they’re fairly cheap (in comparison to other meta decks), I wouldn’t recommend a new player pick them up. Build, share, and explore the latest Yu-Gi-Oh decks with the community. hide. 4 Duelists made it to the Top 32 with a variant of True Dracos, including Metalfoes True Draco, while 2 Duelists made it to the Top 32 with a Lightsworn Zombie Dinosaur Deck. Structure Deck R; Starter Decks; OCG; TCG; Latest Banlist; Slangs; … A more recent Fairy archetype, The Weather is pretty much exactly what it sounds … From hybrid variants to pure approaches, this list covers a wide swath of favorites from my past builds, and a couple returns of popular themes! 89% Upvoted. Pure Trickstar deck. For Side Deck, I'd run 3 Called and 3 Twin/Reboot. *PURE* Trickstar Deck Profile! Wenn diese Karte aktiviert wird: Du kannst deiner Hand 1 „Trickstar“-Monster von deinem Deck hinzufügen. Trickstar deck 2020. Pure Sky Strikers cracked the Top Cut by placing three decks in the Top 32 , but the real story of YCS Secaucus was the outstanding success of Sky Striker Trickstar hybrids. And I really love the Trickstar engine so idk what to do. Wikis. 0. Altergeists as well have … Since Sky Strikers rarely use a Normal Summon, Trickstars can fill that gap using Trickstar Candina. Anything over 50% means you’re seeing game 3s. Community consensus is that Trickstar is a burn deck, alternate win con deck etc, but people always have this perception with decks that, idk, they just don't like lol (think Dark World and so on). There is a Windwitch variant that is good and then also a "pure" Trickstar version that passes on the WW engine normally in favor of extra handtraps. It’s best card was Artifact Moralltach, which could special summon itself after being destroyed, then destroy one face-up card on the field. I hope you enjoyed this amazing video of my Yu-Gi-Oh! Only 1 main deck core monster is needed, in the form of Sky Striker Ace – Raye, with hand-traps being added in too. For a rundown of the participants and their custom promo art, Wiki. Sign In; Don't have an account? The new Wave of Light structure deck got me into… Games Movies TV Video. Sure, it CAN fix your hand, but Trickstars rarely get truly garbage hands anyway. 16 votes, 24 comments. The main goal is to fix the weaknesses of the other decks. Currently the best monster archetype in the entire game, Trickstars warped the meta upon their release, with their constant burning, recycling and swarming being too much to handle. Now on Android Find a Deck List Tournament - Casual - Theorycrafting. Trickstar Decks View Most Used Cards Average Deck Prices Main Deck $80.44 Extra Deck $18.67 Side Deck $38.36 Total Average $137.47 Date Tournament Deck Duelist Placed Deck Price; September 2019 Regional - San Antonio Texas Trickstar: Kevin Bortle Top 8 $198.70 August 2019 Regional - San Luis Mexico Trickstar: Miguel De La Torre Top 8 $253.52 August 2019 World Championship - Berlin … This deck had a ton of potential ran pure, but was often spliced in with other monsters to create a devastating control deck that ran tons of traps. save. The biggest threats in the Trickstar deck are game-ending burn damage and the Droll & Lock Bird combo. 7 Salamangreat; 6 Sky Striker; 4 Orcust: 2 Sky Striker Trickstar Phantom Knights Orcust; 1 Phantom Knights Orcust; 1 Sky Striker Phantom Knights Orcust; 3 Altergeist; 3 Dinosaur Thunder Dragon; 2 Magician; 2 Subterror; 1 … Even after Hornet Drones was limited to 1 copy per deck, Sky Strikers are still going strong as a pure deck. Lowest Cost: $ 49.79. Please post your ideas so I can try to make something off of it! The Bubbleman Burn Deck is a very fast version of the Burn Deck, which uses cards like "Elemental HERO Bubbleman" and "Card of Sanctity" to draw Normal or Quick-Play Spell Cards which inflict damage. As well as burning and swarming, Trickstar’s have a ton of disruption in the form of spell/trap support. Tournament. Burn is not the Trickstar's main wincon. So now I’m looking for alternatives … Hey I'm looking for to build a pure trickstar deck, and need some help coming up with one. Even though all these Decks are in the same family, there’s a lot of ways to customize the strategies to your own liking. It can be Special Summoned if the player controls no monsters or only has Trickstar monsters, encouraging the deck to be run pure. Show Card Images. Tier 1 Decks (>2000 decklists analyzed): Pure Sky Striker – 21.4% of the field; Gouki – 17.4%; Altergeist – 12.7%; Sky Striker Trickstar – 8.95%; True Draco – 6.35%; All other Decks make up the remaining 35% which is a 5% increase in the amount of people playing Tier 1 decks. Einmal pro Spielzug: Du kannst 1 gesetzte Karte in der Zauber- & Fallenzone deines Gegners wählen; solange diese Karte in der Spielfeldzone liegt, kann die gesetzte Karte bis zur End Phase nicht aktiviert werden und dein Gegner muss sie während der End Phase aktivieren oder … Metagame Breakdown . The featured deck list managed to reach 2nd place in the World Championship Qualifiers of North America which is an outstanding achievement. I know pure SS is 'more meta' but I don't know if I will be able to master the deck for the tournament, which is on the 6th of January, plus I think Trickstar is a good archetype with the new and of match procedure, and it's really improved by the SS engine. 2 others made it to the Top 32 with a pure Invoked Deck, while SPYRALs and ABCs are each represented by 1 Duelist in the Top … Deck Information; Deck Type: Non-Meta Decks: Deck Master: Trickstar Candina: TCG/OCG: TCG: Submission Date: December 5th 2020: Author: MLCuong TS: YGOPRODeck File Download : View in Online Deck Builder Purchase on TCGplayer Text View YDKe : Trinity Format Decks A Mekk-Knight build is in the Top 8, giving even more Special Summon power to the Deck. This one goes way higher with pure DARK HERO stuff, and way lower when adding sky striker stuff, but through our new methodology, lands right here. … Some good (and cheap) decks that have a good match-up vs. Trickstar are: Draco, Frog and SPYRALs. This thread is archived. It is the thirty-fourth Deck in the OCGs Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: Pendulum Evolution. His pure build is heavy on hand traps and mostly maintains retains the same core Trickstar engine that we've seen in other decks. Thank you so much for watching!! These Decks are made up mostly of one-time burn cards and self-milling cards that go to the Graveyard after they are used, making " Bubbleman " and " Card of Sanctity " easier to use. The pairings have managed to place each Sky … Both are centered around the 14 or so card Trickstar engine plus a bunch of the good.dek cards that show up in Zoo. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Yu-Gi-Oh! Event Info: Non-Tournament Deck. VRAINS. Deck Name. share. Series; Booster Pack Rainbow; Structure Decks. Standard (Pure/Droll Control) 3 Trickstar Candina 3 Trickstar Lycorissica 1-3 Trickstar Lilybell 0-2 Trickstar Narkiss 0-3 Droll & Lock Bird 3 Trickstar Lightstage 0-3 Terraforming 0-3 Dark Room of Nightmare 0-2 Chain Summoning or Double Summon 3 Trickstar Reincarnation 0-6 Other Hand Control Traps (Present Card, Disturbance Strategy) 1-2 Trickstar Holly Angel 1 Trickstar Sweet … They debuted in the OCG and TCG with Code of the Duelist. Fairy: Trickstar. Sky Striker Trickstar – 67.43%; People will play this deck until you tell them they can’t anymore. Wiki. It is … Booster Packs. This report will cover 32 top-performing decks from 6 tournaments that were held in Japan and China during 26 – 29 January 2019. If drawn into, Trickstar Candina can search out Trickstar Reincarnation .On its own, the trap card Trickstar Reincarnation can trigger the revival of Paleozoic traps while disrupting your opponent for reasons that made the card popular. Trickstar is infamously a burn deck, but it is capable of a wide variety of plays. 2 THE WEATHER. Login to rate. POST May 2018 BAN LIST! Anything over 66% means you’re winning matches. 1 Features 2 Breakdown 3 Galleries 4 Lists 5 References … Side 0. Tier 1 Matchups: Sky Striker. Search. Sample archetypes include: Magician Pendulum Tellarknight; Kozmo; Hybrid decks often fail when faced against pure decks of the same typing. Main 41. All builds from past articles have been updated for the current TCG format and existing cross-region cardpool, so some of the old strategies may have gotten a significant upgrade! They’re arguably one of, if not the hardest deck on this list to use. "Trickstar deck 2020" Deck by Anonymous Deck Builder. Meant to finish the opponent off, Corobane can send itself from the hand to the grave to make a Trickstar monster gain attack equal to the attack of a monster another Trickstar monster is battling, effectively giving Trickstars their own attack modification hand trap. I just finished a Trickstar deck a week or so before the ban list got dropped, go figure. 41 Cards: 31 9 1. Of course, a Trickstar deck will empty your wallet but it’ll be pretty much unbeatable. So you get two main variants. Stop doing this. Yu-Gi-Oh! Register; Start a Wiki. Created: 01/18/2020. In practice Trickstar is I guess modern Gadgets - back in the day a deck like Gadgets would gain advantage incrementally, you normal summon get a float then use removal to keep the opp in line with … Hybrid decks attempt to combine all features of the aforementioned decks. **Want to make this as pure as possible with lots of burn damage!! It’s … Archetype(s): Trickstar. Learn how to break this and you'll be fine. A few Duelists are using no Trickstars at all, either with pure Sky Strikers or builds mixed with Mekk-Knights. As far … Latest deck list. The most popular version is Sky Striker Trickstar, with Mekk-Knight Trickstar next. In a That Grass Looks Greener deck like Paleozoic, the Trickstar engine can prove useful when both drawn into or milled. This Zoodiac Trickstar build from the Catskill Regional maintains the conventions of prior builds with a more stable Zoodiac engine backing up the Trickstars. The second-most represented Deck in the Top 32 is Trickstar, represented by a total of 5 Decks. This is going to be a basic overview on how to build or counter a Burn Deck 1 So... Why build a Burn Deck? Variant #2: FTK - This was the most common kind of Trickstar deck on YGOpro Percy, and will likely remain the case until link monsters are released onto the platform - The focus is to power through the deck with search cards and draw cards, hopefully ending on a board comprising of multiple copies of Lycorissa, A copy of Trickster Reincarnation (or another equivalent card such as Present … Pure Trickstars made two showings in the same Top 32, but it's clear that … Again I’ve seen 3 replays just from the ones I watched where somebody used reincarnation + droll on the opponents draw phase, without them playing a card, and the opponent being okay with it. Thanks! This does not work. It is the thirty-ninth Deck in the TCGs Structure Deck series, following Dinosmasher's Fury Structure Deck. report. Pure Trickstar – 65.65%; You win worlds one time and suddenly you’re the 2nd most played deck in the game. 116,607 Pages. Official Card Game1 and Yu-Gi-Oh! Mekk-Knight Trickstar – 79.41% Mekk-Knight Invoked – 76.92% Frog – 76.19% Infernoids 75% (36 wins 12 losses, clarified since the percent was so precise) Cyber Dragon Trickstars – 72.73% Gouki 70.81% Zefra 70.1% Crusadia Mekk-Knight – 67.74% Sky Striker Trickstars – 66.55% Pure sky Striker – 65.76% 11th Deck True Draco has 62.82% included due to massive sample size. Both of those seem pretty resilient. To be fair, while Engage! (pictured) exists, they will never fall out of meta, the plus 1 is just so good.