You'll need to dig in the spot shown in the image below. No:1 – Peach's Castle: Head to the leaf matching mini game and match all leaves to get a Super Star. Covering the best in video gaming. Battle King – unlock conditions are unclear. No 55 – Super Star: This can be found in the chest located in the Wheel House of The Princess Peach. No 9 – Hole Punch:Buy from mole after defeating the Hole Punch boss. Available now. There are 11 islands and many hidden treasures in the Great Sea. You'll take a detour through Chestnut Valley after Bobby hurls himself off of a bridge. There’s a treasure chest with a Coin Bag in quadrant 1G. They range from mastering mini games to collecting all of a certain item. Use the 1000-fold arms to turn the valve in the image below. No 10 – Tape: Buy from mole after defeating the tape boss. Both Question Island and Hammer Island have collectibles including Toads that belong on The Princess Peach. Best to get what you can and then head back after the credits roll. Travel to those locations and dive to find collectible treasures and other items. You can find the following collectibles: No 60 – Boot Car: Head to the far right of this open area. There's a chest on the way up. To help you collect them all we've put together this Collectibles Locations guide. No 14 – Mario: Return the Manhole hook to the toad next to the sewer. User Info: Hirokey123. No 102 – Shangri Spa Toad: Buy from blue shop. No 93 – Diamond Island: Head left after exiting the temple using the slide. This is important as you need to talk to every statue in The Great Sea to get Collectible Treasure #80. Next up, read our review. What are Paper Mario: The Origami King Collectible Treasures? Use Bowser's Castle for reference with the image below. Once you’ve interacted with all four Toad statues and made all the markings on your Sea Chart, head for Mushroom Island in quadrant 4E. Here's where to find all of the collectibles in this area: No 28 – Chef Truly Wild Special: Speak to the chef in the kitchen after beating the game. You'll need to dig with the Toad Researcher in the spot shown below: No 61 – Cactus: Dig at the spot shown in the image below, it's just south of the tower: No 64 – Temple of Shrooms: Freezer inside sun altar. No 54 – Block As you enter the deck of The Princess Peach you will see a pool with a staircase to the left of it. Look for a trio of rock islands in the bottom portion of quadrant 3A. Chest is inside. No 19 – Sap Sister: To the left of the fishing spot. Enjoy your +5 MAX UP Heart! This is where you'll find the collectible. All three islands have Toad statues on them. This is the first real area you get to explore in Origami King and it holds the first three collectibles you can find. No 12 – Stapler: Buy from mole after beating the Stapler boss. It's super easy to spot. No 115 – Paper Plane Squadron: House created by using 1000-fold arms. You'll need to grab the Big Shell from the Great Sea and cook it on the BBQ. No 5 – Camp Speaker: In chest in the back of building in the screenshot below. Shangri Spa is one of the last areas you'll visit in Paper Mario The Origami King. No 51 – Ninja Statue: Find all 25 toad paintings. No 66 – Bag of Confetti: Head into the record shop, it's next to the general shop. You will find some shops. No 86 – Origami Workbench: Dive at the point indicated by the red marker on the map below: No 87 – Paper Macho Spike:Dive between C3 and D, right on the line, in the middle of the vertical line. There's a chest in there. Collectible 1: Peach's Castle - To obtain this treasure simply head to the leaf matching mini-game and match all of the leaves to get a Super Star. That makes it even trickier than the Scorching Sandpaper Desert. No 59 – Paper Macho Boo - The chest in this area is pretty easy to find. Once you destroy the yellow streamer and have the Sea Chart in hand, go to the Toad Town pier and board the ship. Sometimes the battles in Paper Mario: The Origami King can be really challenging. We'll be breaking the game down into the following sections, read on for more info: Whispering Woods is the first major area you move through in Paper Mario The Origami King. No 50 – Luigi: Final room of the House of Tricky Ninjas. One way to give yourself a boost is to acquire all of the MAX UP Hearts in the game, which permanently increase the total amount of health Mario has. No 81 – Paper Macho Mummy Goomba Dive at the spot indicated by the little red ship. No 73 – Temple of Shrooms: This collectible treasure is found in the large room underneath the spider-webs. Head to the location show in the image below. Before taking on the final boss you'll need to head into Bowser's Castle and clear out all of the enemies. If you're looking for more of our guides, be sure to head on over to our Paper Mario The Origami King Walkthrough. Play Mini-Games In The Battle Lab. There's plenty more on Paper Mario The Origami King to find right here on USG. Picnic Road is the route you'll take to get to the cablecar at the top of Overlook Mountain. Autumn Mountain really lives up to its name. Get the best of USG in your inbox by subscribing to our newsletters. Follow the fish until they start to disperse. Island, there's a chest there. The House of Tricky Ninjas has three collectible trophies that you can earn. With Diamond Island and Ice Vellumental Mountain complete, return to The Great Sea and start following any portion of the purple stream as it goes up north. Read on to find out where to find all 120 collectibles, as well as how to find and check your treasure! Finally we come to the Origami Castle. Most of it is open water, and much of the treasure is fittingly at the bottom of the ocean. All 120 Collectible Treasures Test your knowledge on this gaming quiz and compare your score to others. No 118 – Origami Castle :Outside throne room. There are windows, the far right of which has a chest in it. We'll break down the Collectible Treasures for each area of the map so that you won't miss a single one. You can find locations for all of them in this guide. These are the collectibles to look out for: No 109 – Paper Macho Chain Chomp: First door on the right as you enter.