save. report. User Info: Retriitikko. hide. I read the description, but I had no idea what door that was lol. I figured that you're supposed to go to LUB through Depths, so I got to Blighttown through that drake area and eventually made it all the way up to the door that leads out of the mess hall where the butcher is sitting. Watch fullscreen. Report. Key to Depths is a Key in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. We know that the Capra Demon is weak to fire, so maybe the Torch Hollows were sort of the "neighborhood watch" if you will, trying to defend the Burg from the demon and managed to trap him in that little alcove. This is a NG4 playthrough that I did. Travon Knute. Once you defeat the gargoyles you get a key to the lower Undead Burg. Stuart Hank. Opens several doors in Undead Burg, including the door to a room leading to three Gold Pine Resins (right before the watchtower portion of the map), as well as the room Griggs of Vinheim is trapped in. Now you’ll probably remember you’ve been to the Undead Burg before, and if you’re really good at remembering stuff, you’ll remember you found a key called the Basement Key near the giant drawbridge gate in front of the Undead Parish. Lol. Dark Souls - Undead Burg to Lower Undead Burg Shortcut Jump. Okay, thanks! The area is tight and he will attack fast. At the first fog gate in Undead Burg, jump from the small stairs that directly … Key opening the door from the lower Undead Burg to the Depths. Do not attack just yet, instead, go around on the right. They're generally quite easy to Can be purchased from Undead Male Merchant for 1,000 souls. If you fall be prepared as there is an ambush of Hollows waiting for you at the bottom! Dark Souls - Undead Burg to Lower Undead Burg Shortcut Jump. Located in the lower section of Undead Burg is the first Capra Demon. Lower Undead Burg So how do i get through the god damn undead burg? Dark Souls Remastered: LOWER UNDEAD BURG Return to the Hellkite Dragon’s bridge. He wields two Demon Great Machetes and has a few Undead Attack Dogs as company. Dark Souls - Undead Burg to Lower Undead Burg Shortcut Jump. 8:06. A heap more can be found in Demon Ruins, but are easier to defeat due to the open area, no dogs and you will have better equipment by then.Hit them with an arrow to fight them one at a time. Follow. Sign up. Continue on towards the red dragon bridge and you will go down some stairs onto the bridge. The key is also accessible from the other side of the iron bars. Retriitikko 4 years ago #5. Report. Dark Souls (JP) Play 1 - Undead Burg. Log in. It makes sense to go to Darkroot Garden first to farm purple moss before going down to lower Undead Burg and beyond. the Lower Undead Burg is literally sealed off by the upper inhabitants, but MAYBE you could say they just want to keep their secrets safe, or something (there is that one staircase leading directly to the Lower Burg that's just locked from that side). Standing in front of you (if you enter from Undead Burg) is the Armored Tusk. I've been trying and trying to get past the hollow thieves in Lower Undead Burg and only got past them to be buttfucked by the next two dogs, get through the fog door, and have Capra and the dogs in his boss room kill me within 3 seconds. 5 years ago | 5 views. On the narrow hallway's wall there is a secret-ish door that leads to a small room. This is the way to the lower undead burg. Unlocks door to the Depths. 1 Stairs; 2 (PTDE) Fence; 3 (DSR) Ladder Glitch; 4 Merchant; 5 Other; Stairs. Sign up. 100% Upvoted. Dropped by Capra Demon. Basement Key Usage . share . Drops from the Undead Male Merchant when killed if it was not already bought from him. Do not turn your back on the wily thieves, or the wild dogs who serve the Capra Demon. The Undead Burg is home mainly to Hollows who carry swords, spears, crossbows and other weapons such as firebombs. Browse more videos. Dark Souls (23) Undead Lower Burg: Another Shortcut by DCNando. On a corpse in the room with the giant rat. In this court there is a drop off to the left leading to a lower portion of the Undead Burg. The only two doors that lead to Lower Undead Burg in the "Upper" Undead Burg can only be opened from the opposite side. Contents. 4:08. Both doors that lead me there only open from the other side, the door in the aqueduct can't even be interacted with, and the door from the depths opens from the other side. The skip allows to quickly access the Lower Undead Burg from Undead Burg without acquiring any key beforehand. Getting Down To The Burg. Dark Souls (26) Firelink Shrine/ Undead Burg… Dark Souls - Undead Burg to Lower Undead Burg Shortcut Jump. Boards; Dark Souls ; Locked door in Undead Burg? Watch fullscreen. You need to reach the other side of that Portcullis and open it. Dark Souls (JP) Play 1 - Undead Burg. Unlocks door to the Depths. Follow. Unlocks Bonfire room in the first slime-hallway in Depths. In Dark Souls, there are hidden areas that are masked by Illusory Walls - walls and debris that appears real until it is struck - either by an attack, rolling Lower undead burg is tied to the optional velka questline for the extra ending. Accidentally killed a sorcerer NPC in Lower Undead Burg (spoiler) - Oct 9, 11; All Dark Souls Forums. Basement Key is a Key in Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered. Just why the hell do I have the Master Key for then? So I was traipsing my way through the Lower Undead Burg, and was thinking. If he runs don't be discouraged because you can find him again in sen's fortress and anor londo. 4:07. The lower Undead Burg is a treacherous place. Dark Souls pt9 - Lower Undead Burg … Undead Burg. Search. 4:18. Availability [edit | edit source] Can be found on a corpse down the stairs from the church in Undead Parish, near the lever that opens the portcullis back to the area with the Fang Boar. 5 years ago | 5 views. There’s only one bonfire and a merchant nearby. Nearly half of the Depths form a perilous flooded labyrinth. Go down stairs by the Capra location, the door is at the bottom of the tower by two thiefs. Lower Undead Burg Lore Speculation. You'll find the capra demon over there and you'll have to eventually kill him to grab some flame thing. You'll rescue a sorcerer that will head back to Firelink and teach you sorceries. Dark Souls (JP) Play 1 - Undead Burg. Playing next. Lower Undead Burg is the area you can start exploring once you've beaten the Bell Gargoyles and rang the first bell..
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