Ukulele Pickup & Installation Options Starting At, Ukulele Straps by Sarah Maisel (Chee Maisel - Select from Available), My cover of the Christmas Classic, Silent Night on my Pono baritone ukulele The complete Hawaiian definition for high-quality craftsmanship is Maiau Pono. Rush Setup & Delivery - Additional $50.00The RUSH SETUP AND DELIVERY service is for customers who would still like to receive everything included in the full setup but on a shorter time frame. Caramel Ebony wood Baritone Ukulele 30 inch Professional Wooden LCD color display Electric ukelele Kit Hawaiian Beginner Guitar ukalalee Starter Pack Bundle Gig bag, Strap,Strings, Wall mount Set. of moisture from the air as well. of the outside humidity levels, the indoor humidity levels will drop dramatically once the air is heated. All packages will be shipped with a signature requirement by default. -Final Cleanup: We always do a final overall cleanup of the instrument to make sure it is in new condition and ready to play before it is prepared for shipment. If you do not wish to have a signature requirement you will need to notify us, either by leaving a note in the “special instructions” when adding the item(s) to your shopping cart or by emailing our shipping department directly. 4.6 out of 5 stars 171. After playing around with one, I decided that it's more than I want to tackle at age 61. It can be adjusted from right inside the soundhole with an allen wrench provided. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. This is basically a tenor guitar size but braced for nylon strings to be tuned D-G-B-E. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. The sound from these are amazing - as anyone who has played a Pono can attest to; the combination of the punchy Engelmann spruce top … Occasionally an additional charge may be added for compensated saddles on select models. 369.00. sold out. CASESee Case Options tab to select a hard case for this ukulele.Humidifier (Options at the "Humidifier Options above)Another option is to add a ukulele humidifier. The rosette is made of thicker, unstained wood strips. Any shipping related requests (hold/delay/address change) should also be directed to our shipping department ( This is used to stabilize and adjust the lengthwise forward curvature (also called relief), of the neck. It can be adjusted from right inside the soundhole with an allen wrench provided. I ordered my Pono baritone from, a French website selling ukes.I can really recommend the site as I received top service and the owner was very helpful and friendly when I called to enquire about my uke. 401 north cane street a-10 wahiawa oahu hawai’i 96786 Pono is a production model version of the custom shop Ko’olau. The ukes are then shipped back to Hawaii to be inspected and set up by the experts. -Overall QC evaluation: To find defects in construction as well as to get an overall view of the instrument and note the areas that need extra attention and adjustment during the setup. 351.00. sold out. Pono Mahogany Soprano (MS Select from Available), Pono Acacia Soprano (AS Select from available), Pono MC - Mahogany Concert (Select from Available), Pono Mango Concert Satin (MGC Select from Available), Pono Mahogany Tenor (MT Select from Available), Pono Mango Concert Deluxe (MGCD Select from Available), Pono Mahogany Baritone (MB Select from Available), Pono Mango Baritone (MGB Select from Available), Pono Acacia Baritone (AB Select from Available), Pono Mahogany Tenor Deluxe (MTDX Select from available), Pono Acacia Tenor Gloss Deluxe (ATD Select from available), Pono Deluxe Mango Tenor (MGTD Select from Available), Pono MTD-8 Eight String Tenor Deluxe 4383, Pono Acacia Tenor Deluxe Eight String (ATD-8 2334), Pono Mango Tenor Deluxe Eight String (MGTD-8 2159), Pono Spruce Top Acacia Deluxe Tenor (ATD-SP Select from Available), Pono Spruce Top Acacia Deluxe Tenor Cutaway (ATDC-SP 7735), Pono Electric Acacia Gloss Tenor w/Case (TE-D Select from Available), Pono Spruce Top Acacia Deluxe Slothead Tenor (ATSH-SP 4510), Pono Acacia Baritone Electric Package (BE 2178), Pono Pro Classic Acacia Tenor (ATSH-PC Select from Available) *NOS Special*, Pono Acacia Electric Guilele Package (BE-6 2121), Pono Tenor Electric Mango Deluxe LE (TE-MD-R Select from Available), Pono Tenor Electric Mango Deluxe LE (TE-MD-B 2377). Pono Ukuleles is the affordable import line of Ko'olau Ukulele. In Hawaii, Pono is a very respectful expression for something right or done right. More details are available under the “Setup Options” tab. NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: You may also be required to pay import duties/taxes, this will vary depending on your location and the value of the item(s). One of our setup technicians will work overtime outside of normal business hours to complete the setup within 2-3 days of the order being placed and immediately hand it over to the shipping department for packing and shipment. UPS and DHL can also be chosen as alternative options upon checkout, USPS is only used for smaller accessory orders. There is no time to set the uke up for individual buyer. Plus, it's made to last. Which was ok, except that these instruments were not designed and braced for nylon strings, and the neck was too narrow. About the Pono line: The “Pono” line is made by Ko’olau one of the oldest and most traditional Hawaiian ukulele manufacturers. 66-560 #4 Kamehameha Hwy.Haleiwa HI, 96712. Solid spruce is the material of choice for the top which doubles as a durable material that will give years of service as well as a tonal modifier, giving the instrument some excellent tonal qualities. Condition is "Used". This care and attention adds a little to the price, yes, but a lot to the quality. Corey gives us a "raw" sound sample. I love playing my tenor and baritone ukes, but have also been drawn to the acoustic guitar. This is usually a requirement by Ukulele manufacturers in order © The Ukulele Site, LLC - All Rights Reserved. Pono MB Mahogany Baritone Ukulele with Gig Bag - Excellent Condition. If you are heating the air in your house, the air will become extremely dry. The same is true for air conditioning, usually not as drastic of a humidity drop as a heater, but it will remove a significant amount Pono MGBD All Solid Mango Baritone Deluxe Ukulele Gloss with gigbag Excl. This is the new "bare bones" Acacia model from Pono's new and original instrument: the Baritone Nui or big baritone. After adding this instrument to your shopping cart, you can add extra accessories from the website or from this page. Outgoing shipments are picked up by our shipping carriers Monday through Friday. Join Alex and Phil on an explorative journey through the often neglected world of Baritone Ukuleles. -Nut Slot Adjustment: The depth, width, and angle of the nut slots are adjusted to create a more comfortable playing experience especially on the lower frets. This stabilizes and adjusts the lengthwise forward curvature (also called relief), of the neck. FREE Shipping by Amazon. time in transit once the instrument departs)There is a special instructions box where you can add notes or preferences that our setup or shipping department needs to be aware of.Before being shipped, your instrument Pickup installation: for players who would like the option to play or record with amplification.Friction Tuner Upgrade (friction tuners only): We offer upgrade options for select instruments with friction tuners to be retrofitted with new geared tuners for better precision and comfort when tuning.Left-handed Setup: Left-handed setups are also available upon request. sold out. installation so you can play through an amplifier.Get a free shipping quote by adding this to your cart. Since I have my eye on another one so I am putting up this Pono MB for sale! This is I have been rather distracted this week with the arrival of my new ukulele last Friday, a Pono MB Baritone ukulele.As a result there won’t be any Ukulele Weekly World Tour this week.. Available at UKE Republic Ukuleles, where pro setup is always included. Baritones have a nice rich, deep tone due to the larger body. The sweet sound of mango in baritone from Pono. Follow this link to create an account if you don’t already have one go HERE.FREE SHIPPING: All orders within the USA with a total over $500 will qualify for free FedEx 2-day air shipping.SHIPMENT AND TRACKING NOTIFICATIONS are sent automatically via email as soon as the shipping label is created so please make sure your email address is accurate when placing the order. option at the string listing. Current Turnaround Time: Amount of time before shipping-Full Setup: 11-14 DaysFull Setup RUSH: 2-4 daysBasic QC Only: 2-4 days, Basic Quality Control - $0.00 (Always Free)BASIC QUALITY CONTROL covers inspecting the instrument for any major defects that would have been missed by the factory and any faults in construction that could potentially damage or limit the functionality of the instrument over time. Compare Compare Now site51500000000234148 1500000240828. Lanikai ACST-CEB Solid Top Electro Baritone Ukulele. Regardless This big body baritone ukulele from Pono is really an amazing instrument. Trying Out A Pono Baritone Mango Wood Ukulele. I never knew my Pono baritone ukulele had a truss rod until a couple of weeks ago. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Select the serial number above to see the exact ABD available here. But over time and with humidity changes, it is a very useful option to have, and a very easy thing to adjust with little room for error. This is used to stabilize and adjust the lengthwise forward curvature (also called relief), of the neck. Other Options (Many found in the essential accessories above)Another option is to switch your string set or change from high G tuning to low G tuning or vice-versa. Pono AB All Solid Acacia Baritone Ukulele. Select the “replace stock strings” option when adding your desired string set to the shopping cart.Strap Button Installation: 1-2 buttons are installed to allow the use of a strap. It's basically a tenor guitar that is set up with nylon strings for a nice big, warm ukulele tone. It can be adjusted from right inside the soundhole with an allen wrench provided. This type of baritone ukulele has a number of things going for it; first, it is a real looker with its beautiful spruce and rosewood finish. HOWEVER, this steel string baritone has really captured my attention. (2 business days is the The processing time before shipment will depend on the setup option chosen. We guarantee you will love the feel, sound, and look of this instrument! To get a quote, use the “Calculate Shipping Cost” link located next to the “Add to Cart button” on each listing.This is made even easier when you are already logged in to your customer account. Pono instruments are constructed by the finest instrument makers and to Ko'olau specs and design. The gloss finish and woods used on this model are only the finest. For more even more details and FAQ visit our Shipping Page under the Company Info tab at the header menu.SHIPPING CARRIER OPTIONS:FedEx is our primary shipping carrier, all orders that qualify for free domestic shipping will be sent using FedEx. Pono is making ultra high-quality ukes for this mid-price range. installation of strap button(s) if you like to use a strap.Add a pickup The first time I heard one played in person it was a Pono RBSH(C)-PC and I was blown away from the very beginning with the bass presence – with the ringing sustain across the spectrum, really. Your Price $ 129.99 msrp:174.0,lowPrice:129.99. 99. Pono uses quality materials in the construction and includes an adjustable truss rod. My wife won't let me buy any more ukuleles until I sell some of the ones I don't use! the 'Pono Deluxe Spruce/Mahogany Baritone (MBSH-SP)'. This is a great example. Ko’olau’s goal throughout the years has been to provide the highest quality stringed instruments available with a high standard of craftsmanship. It's obvious that only very skilled and experienced craftsmen could have such an “artist eye” for this precision and beauty. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled. Open quick view dialog for Flight NUB 310 Baritone Ukulele Follow Alex as he and Rob compare 9 of the Pono Baritones currently available (at time of writing) here at Southern Ukulele Store. CURRENT SETUP PROCESSING TIMES AND DETAILS ARE LOCATED UNDER THE “SETUP OPTIONS” TAB. Video shows same model. MaterialsSolid Acacia top, back, and sidesHonduran Mahogany NeckEbony Fretboard and FaceplateRope marquetry rosetteBone nutBone SaddleGloss lacquer finish body & faceplateSatin lacquer finish neckGrover Tuning keysStock String Set: Ko'olau Alohi Baritone Set, MeasurementsTotal Scale Length: 20”/50.8cmBody Length: 13.75”/34.93cmOverall Length: 30”/76.2cmNut Width: 1.35”/35.05mmSaddle Width: 2.19”/55.62mmLower Bout Width: 10”/25.4cmUpper Bout Width: 7.5”/19cmLower Bout Depth: 3.25”/8.26cmUpper Bout Depth: 2.75”/6.99cm, String SpacingAt Nut: G to C = 8.64mm G to A = 27.5mmAt 12th Fret: G to C = 11.6mm G to A = 36mmAt Saddle: G to C = 14.75mm G to A = 44.5mm. Open quick view dialog for Ortega Bonfire RU5 Baritone Ukulele { "inCheckoutPromo":[] } Ortega Bonfire RU5 Baritone Ukulele. In Hawaii though a few musicians still played a Tenor Guitar, but often changed the strings to nylon, producing somewhat of a big baritone ‘ukulele. Acacia is a family of trees that Hawaiian koa belongs to. Pono' ukuleles are made with Ko'olau's standards and use only quality materials. See additional tabs for more information on our setup process, turnaround time, and shipping. We will handle the paperwork and file the permit for you, but the cost of all duties and fees are the responsibility of the customer. Mahogany has a lot of warmth, fullness and the Pono build also gives this ukulele punch attack. Our store in Haleiwa is now OPEN 12-6 Wed-Fri. Stop by and visit us. John Kitakis, owner of Ko’olau, wanted to make the quality and tone of a Ko’olau instrument more affordable. Our Pono line of guitars, ‘ukuleles, and octave mandolins include a variety of all solid woods, bone nuts and saddles, high quality tuners, and the … Pono in Hawaiian is defined as excellence and Maiau Pono as the highest quality of craftsmanship. Kala KA-SSEBY-B-CE Solid Top Electro Baritone Ukulele. I don't mean to dis Pono -- my first baritone was a mahogany Pono and I really liked it, but my guess is that the better built a baritone is, the less muddy it's going to sound. Visually the solid mango is beautiful with striking striations which make no two alike. -Saddle Adjustment: The height of the saddle is lowered to reduce the distance between the strings and the fretboard, making it easier to play than the factory setup, especially higher up the fretboard. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Shipped with UPS Ground. The sound and feel of the Pono MB -(mahogany baritone) is a great example of that. 399.00. sold out. This instrument was built on one of the Indonesian Islands with hands-on guidance and quality control from the Ko'olau Ukulele Company. * *If you would like to receive your instrument as soon as possible you can forego the full setup process by selecting the “Basic QC Only” option or by selecting the “Full Setup RUSH” option when adding instruments to your shopping cart.
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